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Redmi Note 10 Pro Review



Redmi Note 10 Pro

Redmi Note 10 Pro

Buy one of the best Android phones at a low price, and enjoy all the features.

Our verdict

You can buy Redmi Note 10 Pro at a low price of only $300 with a great screen, fast conformance, long battery life, and a high standard camera. Also, the phone has excellent stereo speakers 120Hz OLED screen, but the phone does not support 5G. So, if you don’t prefer a phone having 5G, then the Note 10 Pro is a perfect phone for you.

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Short Review

The popularity of the Redmi Note 10 Pro is increasing day by day due to its exceptional functions and best features. If you have ever experienced using a phone having the cost of $1000, you can feel and find all the characteristics of this Redmi phone having the price of only $250 to $300. You would not believe in buying such a standard phone at this cost.

However, the one lacking feature is that of 5G. You may not be happy with this fact, but its 4G band has quality sensors that can feel you like you are using a 5G connection; simply, it can facilitate you with speed similar to phones having 5G. However, shortly, Xiaomi phone has no intention to include the 5G feature in its phone. Xiaomi is Redmi’s parent company.

Another issue that you can find in Redmi Note 10 Pro beyond its outstanding features is stabilization in video playing. You can capture 4k video with its camera, but it will not be stable above 1080p. These two unavailabilities of 5G and video stabilization may put you far from buying the Redmi phone, but believe me, the phone is the best smartphone without having these two features.

The phone is too good for gaming due to its 120Hz OLED screen. Also, the phone has the best high speaker that cannot come in other phones in that price range. Along with these features, you can also enjoy the standard 108MP camera. With the camera, you can capture high-resolution pictures in even night mode. There is a good macro camera for nature photography that is usually not worth using on other smartphones.

When people turned to using smartphones, the biggest problem they faced was battery timing. The Redmi Note 10 Pro’s battery lasts for a longer time even if you continuously watch videos on a 120Hz screen and in a bright mood. Also, the battery lasts for a longer duration if you play high-quality online video games that normally consume an extra charge.

The Redmi Note 10 Pro is featured with a Gorilla glass back that is barely seen inexpensive android smartphone of its kind. If we compare it with another phone, it is far better. At the same price, the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC from the same company is heavier, thicker, and has an LCD screen instead of an OLED. However, you should buy in Realme X50 if you prefer 5G, but you have to compromise on all other features in Redmi phones.

After reading the short review, now you need to know full detail about Redmi Note 10 Pro.

Price and release date

The Redmi phone we are discussing at the moment was launched in March 2021. However, currently, it is available in the UK market, and soon, it will be available in the US market. Its unavailability in Unite states is the ongoing dispute between the US government with its parent company Xiaomi.

The Redmi Note 10 Pro price varies for different categories, especially depending on storage and RAM size. So, we are currently discussing the Redmi Note 10 Pro having 128GB storage with 6GB RAM. The phone you can get at an affordable price of only $299. The other Xiaomi Redmi phones in Note 10 Pro category have prices less are more than the phone we are reviewing. The Redmi Note 10 Pro having 64GB storage and 6GB RAM, will cost you $279. Furthermore, the Redmi Note 10 Pro price with 128GB storage but with 8GB RAM is $329. However, the phones may look expensive because of not having 5G features, but if you don’t care for 5G, they are the best smartphone in the world, and we keep them one the top rank on the list of Xiaomi phones.


In today’s modern era, you may want to have a phone that fulfils all your needs and has the best design that looks unique and eye-catching compared to other phones. The Redmi Note 10 Pro is comparatively slim and not too heavy, in different colours having a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. You can choose any of them that matches your personality in different colours as you can choose from Glacier Blue, Gradient Bronze, and Onyx Grey. The phone having an Onyx Grey colour looks awesome and is unusual among other phones.

Usually, high standard smartphones are hard to hold and carry. But, the Redmi Note 10 Pro is comfortable to hold and feels easy. Moreover, the phone also has the best feature of its resistance to water and dust. It means that dust may enter the phone but will not affect its performance.


The exemplary 120Hz panel and 1080×2400 and 6.67-inch display can attract you to buy any phone, but fortunately, you can purchase Redmi Note10 Pro that offers you the same display at a very low price. However, the crystal-clear display of the phone justifies its price, as you can see the same features in the most expensive phones in the world like iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. There are also plenty of costly phones that come for triple the price of Redmi and exactly have the same display as the Redmi Note 10. Further extra features with the display are good sharpness, excellent contrast, deep colours, and widescreen to let you feel real joy while watching a movie or playing high-quality games.


With the modern development of smartphones, people likely prefer phones with the best cameras. Enjoy the perks of four high cameras in Redmi Note 10 Pro. The 108MP main camera facilitates you with the same resolution and picture quality that you can have against the $1200 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. 8MP ultrawide angle camera, a 5MP telemacro lens, and a 2MP depth sensor make the results perfect for you. The phone is best for selfie lowers as there is a 16MP front camera featured to provide unbelievable results.

You can also find the same quality cameras in Motorola Moto G10, which is more expensive than Redmi Note 10 Pro. You can check the performance of both phones by taking pictures from many angles. The picture shows a clear difference between the results. Despite the high price of the Motorola phone, it could not match the Redmi in camera performance. The rear camera and the front camera are better than that of the Motorola. You can feel the difference after taking a selfie on both phones simultaneously from the same angle, as the variation in angle can disturb the light reflection that may cause a difference in the result.

Battery and charging

Obliviously, you will see the smartphone has longer battery timing and takes less time while charging. In this regard, the Redmi Note 10 Pro is the best smartphone globally, as you can charge it up to 56% by keeping it on charge for 30 minutes. You cannot have a phone at this price with a powerful battery of 5020mAh. You can watch videos for 18 hours consistently when it is full.

The phone has a powerful charger of 33W in the box that can charge the phone up to 27% in just 15 minutes, and it will take only 65 minutes for 100% charging. The phone is better than other phones of its kind and other brands, such as Motorola Moto G Power, having a battery of 5000mAh takes 30 minutes to reach its battery to 22% charging.

Software of Redmi Note 10 Pro

As you know, Redmi Note 10 Pro is part of Xiaomi, so it gets to use MIUI 12. The software is the best but lacks some features. For Example, with Mi 12, Redmi cannot manage to open apps in a floating window which was the best feature of Redmi having Mi 11. It also lacks the split notification shade that shows your notification and quick sitting. It looks a bit unfair that Xiaomi allocates fewer features in advanced phones. However, the Redmi offers you to have some basic control from the home screen, but that is not much welcomed as many android phones have this feature.


You can enjoy the best performance of the phone, having a 732G chipset and 6GB RAM. The Redmi 10 achieve a score of 1,112 points while running the 3D Mark Wild Life graphic benchmark app with a 6.7fps average frame rate. This is not a particular feature, but it makes the Redmi better than Motorola G10. While playing Asphalt 9, you will thank the 120hz display and its high speakers.

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