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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review



Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The best smartwatch which comes with its impressive health sensor, awesome software, and sleek design is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. It has the best-rounded display and brand-new software.

It comes in two different varieties i.e.; Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is made for those people who can wear it to their office and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is made for sportier people.

Samsung and Google did a collaboration to improve the software quality of the Samsung smartwatches and the results are Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 classic.

Samsung’s Wear Operating System is so good that we can easily get access to everything and it has many features like a heart rate monitor, sleeping tracker, and many more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – Design and Display

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is so slim that it can fit on your wrist easily. For people who like the rotating bezel then the best option is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

You will feel comfortable when wearing your Samsung Galaxy 4 throughout the day but at night you will feel difficulty wearing it to track your sleep.

It has two buttons on the right edge, which are giving a slimmer look to the smartwatch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes in two models; 40mm and 44mm. Both of the models are made up of aluminum.

The dimension of the 40mm model is 40.4 x 39.3 x 9.8mm and the weight of this model is 25.9 grams. Whereas the 44mm model has 44.4 x 43.3 x 9.8mm dimensions and the weight is 30.3 grams.

Both models have a brighter display and you can read easily anything on their screens. The resolution of the 40mm model is 396 x 396 whereas the 44mm model’s resolution is 450 x 450.

Both models have 330 pixels per inch and they are so comfortable that your wrist can’t get tired while wearing them.

There is a rotating bezel on the Galaxy Watch 4 which is not a physical rotating bezel. If you are looking for a rotating bezel then you should buy Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Both of the models of the Galaxy Watch 4 are dust resistant and water resistant which means you can take these smartwatches with you even in the water.

The 40mm model comes in black, gold and silver colors whereas the 44mm model comes in black, green, and silver color. These are all muted colors so if you want a brighter color then you have to buy it.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – Features and Performance

The chipset used in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is Samsung’s Exynos W920. The size of the RAM is 1.5GB which is enough to run different applications smoothly without any kind of delay.

Both models have internal memory storage of 16 GB and 8GB of memory storage is already taken up by different preloaded apps and the operating system.

The rest of the memory is for the user to install any other apps or music. This smartwatch is using Google’s Wear Operating System.

The OS used in this smartwatch is Wear OS 3 which is a collab between Samsung and Google. The OS works smoothly and looks amazing.

All the apps are available in this smartwatch on the play store of google which is ready to be used. As compared to other smartwatches, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is faster in speed.

The smartwatch comes with different kinds of health and fitness features; Built-in-GPS, a Heart rate monitor, ECG support, and much more.

The biggest fitness feature change is its 3-in-1 Bioactive Sensor which enables the smartwatch to monitor the heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

Another new feature of the Galaxy Watch 4 is its body composition tool which helps you to measure the body’s fat percentage and mass of skeletal muscle. It gives you roughly an idea of the healthy range of your weight, height, and sex.

The accurate measurement of heart rate and the built-in GPS works very well as compared to other smartwatches.

There are limitations for some features of fitness like ECG tool and Blood pressure monitor can only work if you connect your Galaxy Watch 4 with the Samsung phone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – Battery Life

The battery of the 40mm model is 247 mAh which can last for two days and if you are not using fitness features daily then it can last up to three days.

The 44mm model’s battery consists of 361 mAh. There is a charging pad included in the box of Galaxy 4 which is a good thing as Samsung has removed it from its phones.

The adapter is not present in the box of this smartwatch so you need to buy a new adapter to charge it.

The charging timing of the Galaxy Watch 4 is approximately 2 hours which is a disappointing and frustrating thing.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – Specifications

Durability Water resistance and dust resistance
Battery Timing Up to two days
Watch Size 40mm/44mm
Strap Colors Green, Silver, Pink Gold, and Black
Storage 16 GB
Touchscreen Yes
Connectivity Wi-Fi, LTE, and Bluetooth 5
RAM 1.5 GB
Software IOS and Android
Sensors Heart rate, blood oxygen, ECG measurement, Built-in GPS, Bioelectrical impedance
Display Super AMOLED
Processor Samsung’s Exynos W920
Microphone Yes
Voice Assistant Google Assistant
Operating System Wear OS 3


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – Pros

You should know about all the pros of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 before buying it, which are as follows:

  • The collab between Samsung and Google gives access to a different range of fitness and health apps on the play store.
  • It is the best smartwatch that allows to track all of the runs using its built-in-GPS, ECG measurement, blood rate monitor, and other tools.
  • Some of the fitness and health features can only be unlocked with Samsung phones so if you have a phone then you can get access to all of them.
  • It has an amazing slim body with different kinds of strap colors.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – Cons

You should know about all the cons of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 before buying it, which are as follows:

  • It can’t be connected to iOS phones so it’s a disadvantage for people who are iPhone users.
  • Some of the features cannot be accessible with other smartphones.
  • The rotating bezel is not present in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 so you need to buy Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for it.
  • If you own a Samsung watch already then you don’t need to buy a new one because every Samsung watch has almost similar features.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – Price

40mm model of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 $249.99
44mm model of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 $329.99


After completing all the testing and research phase, I would like to conclude that this smartwatch has no incremental upgrades and its battery life can be better.

Some features are limited by the Samsung phones only, they are not compatible with other phones. With this smartwatch, we can have access to a different range of fitness apps.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is overall an amazing smartwatch that is faster in speed and has different features.

But I will recommend that if you already have a Samsung watch then you don’t need to buy this because every Samsung smartwatch has similar features.

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