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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review



Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The best smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which has the best zooming abilities, a massive 6.8-inch display, five cameras, an attractive appearance, and a long battery life.

There are certain drawbacks, though, and you might not be ready to accept them. There is no micro SD card slot on the phone.

The charger must be bought separately. You could find it annoying because the phone is so pricey and so heavy.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – General Review

After the Note 20 Ultra, this is the only phone that Samsung released which has all the best features in one package.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has already taken over the market in 2022, therefore this phone isn’t the most recent.

However, the S21 is still valuable to those that prefer using the best Android smartphones, particularly Samsung.

For $1,199, you can own an Android phone with five cameras, including a 40MP selfie camera, a 108MP main camera, two telephoto cameras, and a 100x zoom range.

The Samsung Phone also has 5G compatibility, a powerful battery, and 16GB of RAM. You won’t regret buying this great phone because of its 6.8-inch 120Hz QUAD HD display and updated in-screen fingerprint sensor, among other features.

Before the release of the Samsung S21 Ultra, the primary issues were the autofocus issues which can be seen in the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus models.

To solve the autofocus problems, Samsung redesigned and improved the new model.

Due to Samsung’s improvements to the performance of the main cameras, the phone is a huge favorite for taking photos at night.

There will be very little difference between daytime and night-time photos that you can sense.

You should keep in mind that the phone has more features than only photography and speed.

Although the Samsung S21 Ultra features unmatched speed and camera efficiency, its design, elegance, and implementation are the real reasons you should buy it.

As a result, it performs much better than the S20 Ultra while costing less overall than the previous generation, according to Samsung.

Although it is still more expensive than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The phone includes a lot of functionality that Apple hasn’t yet made public.

The iPhone’s camera zoom is only 2.5x, compared to the Samsung S21 Ultra which has a larger, brighter, and more curved screen’s 10x optical zoom.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra does not have a Micro SD card slot for additional storage, which is a flaw in the smartphone.

Additionally, you might be unhappy to discover that the charger missing from the box because Samsung has chosen to sell the S21 Ultra without a charger.

Despite these disadvantages, Samsung is still one of the best smartphones in the world.

As you have read the brief review about  Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra now it’s time for you to know each and every detail about it. After reading about all of its features, I am sure you will love it.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – Design and Display

It’s true that we live in a period of technology, but people also tend to prefer creative and attractive items, from mobile phones to expensive cars.

But since we’re talking about smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is unmatched in terms of its flawless design and attractive look.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is thicker and heavier than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, despite the fact that people prefer having small phones.

Its display is slightly curved rather than completely flat like the Galaxy S21’s. There are only two color options available for this Samsung phone: Phantom Silver and Phantom Black.

However, you can also choose from a wide range of additional colors at the Samsung online shop, including  Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy, and Phantom Brown.

Although the back covers of the Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra are identical, some customers could notice a difference since the polycarbonate used to make the Galaxy S21’s back cover is less smooth.

The back covers of both phones, however, are made of Gorilla Glass.

You will love its bigger fingerprint sensor for sure. This will make it easy for you to unlock your phone and have access to many secured apps and files on your phone, and the fingerprint sensor is so strong that it won’t irritate you by making you keep touching the screen.

Unlike previous smartphone models where the fingerprint was fixed to the side of the phone rather than the back.

Additionally, the phone’s 6.8-inch display and 120Hz refresh rate are impressive.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra –  Price and release

On January 29, 2021, Samsung launched the Galaxy S21 Ultra. There are various locations where it is sold, including the UK, the US, and Australia.

Although the Galaxy S21 Ultra has 128GB of storage and 12GB of RAM, the phone costs $1,199. You must pay more if you want to buy a phone with larger storage.

You would think the new price is less expensive after comparing the features of the S20 and S21.

Due to the S22’s recent launch, many third-party retailers are offering the phone for a cheaper price. If you can’t afford it right away, you should wait until the next year because phone costs can drop within your cost limit for the Samsung phone.

The phone lacks a micro SD card slot, as was mentioned in the brief review.

Therefore, if you plan to take lots of photos and record 4K clips, then you should not choose a phone with a basic 128GB storage space.

Instead, you should go for one with 256GB or 512GB of storage, and that too with increased RAM of 16GB.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – Cameras

The S21 Ultra has a strong camera with a 108MP primary sensor and is one of the greatest camera phones on the market.

Samsung provides a high-performance 40MP front camera if you enjoy taking selfies. Furthermore, two 10MP telephoto cameras and a 12MP ultrawide camera offer world-class performance.

As you can zoom farther into images and take them in great detail, the wonderful features of high zooming will give you the impression of being a spy.

Its zooming effects beat those of the iPhone 12 Pro Max by a wide margin.

Additionally, the 108MP main camera can deliver the greatest results while taking 12-bit HDR photographs with 64 times more detailed visual features.

Unexpectedly, the S21 Ultra camera beats the S20 Ultra by a factor of three. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra gives you access to the best natural scenery photos.

During a holiday picnic, or going outside for photography, this smartphone will give the best results. I  tested the phone for low-light photography, and the S21 Ultra delivered the greatest results.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – Performance

There is no doubt about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s overall performance. Any phone’s RAM directly determines how well it performs.

The Snapdragon 888 processor from Qualcomm runs the S21 Ultra, which comes with RAM of 12GB. The 16GB model is also available in this smartphone.

Due to its brand-new chipset and One UI 3.0 interference connected to Android 11, the phone performs speedily.

The phone doesn’t have a place for a micro SD card, which can irritate you. Many users complained about the lack of internal storage and strongly disagreed with the lack of extended storage space.

The S pen is one of the nicest things you need to like which comes in the box of S21 Ultra.

However, it is the first phone to include the feature since the Samsung Note series. The Pen cannot be fixed within the phone, which is the difference.

If  I compared it to the Pen that was contained inside the phones of the earlier models, the S pen is more pleasant to hold and use. The S pen was created and designed to help you do your tasks quickly and easily.

Samsung S21 Ultra – Battery Life

Nothing is more necessary than a smartphone with a long-lasting battery. Samsung has tried to create smartphones with increased battery life putting customer needs first.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a strong 5000mAh battery. When the battery is fully charged, you can use the phone all day long. However, at a 120Hz refresh rate, the phone uses more battery.

In testing, the S21 Ultra’s battery lasted longer.  For a longer period of time, you can enjoy watching movies in HD mode. The fact that you have to buy the charger separately is frustrating.

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