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Vogue Tips and Trends Beauty Products Review



Vogue Tips and Trends Beauty Products

Vogue Tips and Trends Beauty Products

Best Jade

Jade rollers have long been used in Chinese beauty rituals to promote skin suppleness, circulation, and lymphatic drainage. As a result, Mount Lai’s dual-ended option is designed to soothe and calm stressed, tense skin. While this alternative uses jade, similar tools made of rose quartz or amethyst are also available.

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Best Sculpting

With the ReFa Carat Face, a platinum-coated face roller sought by beauty lovers for its multi-angular design, you can say goodbye to drooping skin. It glides smoothly across the face and décolletage with its arched handle and 360-degree angle, delivering solar-powered micro currents that stimulate facial muscles for the firm, toned skin with regular usage.

Best Uplifting

The Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller is undoubtedly one of celebrity-loved registered nurse Jamie Sherrill’s most remarkable finds. You won’t be able to enjoy daily treatments at her Santa Monica spa, but you can acquire this hexagon-shaped roller with 24 massage stones to rejuvenate and lift the cheekbones, under-eye, and décolletage. Ashley Tisdale is a lover of the company’s products.

Best Ice

With this set of two 18-karat gold plated wands from celebrity facialist Angela Caglia, bring cry therapy, an anti-aging treatment that is supposed to depuff, plump, and stimulate cell regeneration and collagen, to your at-home spa day. Simply chill or freeze them before doing a five-minute cooling massage, which is ideal for reducing morning puffiness or providing comfort after a hot summer day. For a two-in-one treatment, place the best face roller on top of your preferred sheet mask.

Best GuaSha

If you haven’t tried guasha, an ancient Chinese medicine technique for increasing circulation and energy, Yina’s tool is a fantastic place to start. Expect a variety of benefits rooted in mineralogy to tone muscles, firm skin, and even alleviate TMJ with this Bian stone face and body mask (pain or tension of the jaw).

Best Vibrating

Jillian Dempsey’s vibrating T-bar not only relieves facial stress but also helps to lift and tone skin over time. For a contoured, young appearance, simply glide the bar across the cheekbones, jaw, and fine wrinkles.

Best Detoxing

The powder of Kansa, a blend of copper and tin traditionally utilized by Ayurvedic practitioners, is employed in Ranavat’s facial massaging tool to assist balance the skin’s pH. The tool helps to detoxify the skin after a weekly 10-15 minute massage, leaving users with glowing, depuffed skin and softened fine wrinkles.

A Foot Mask Too

There’s no better time to treat your feet than now, as sandal season approaches. Give Baby Foot’s peel a try for an exfoliating treatment that uses a combination of plant extracts, AHAs, and BHAs to slough away dead skin overnight. Look to this Mediheal choice for hydration, which is infused with paraffin, shea butter, maize mint, and ginseng extract to promote skin elasticity and moisture.

Strengthen Your Nails & Cuticles

Remember to care for your nails and cuticles between manicures, especially when trying new nail trends. Isdin’s nail growth treatment strengthens and moisturizes nails in just 14 days. Alternatively, Tenoverten’s oil, enriched with celery seed extract and nourishing oils, revitalizes nails. Explore more nail care options at health & beauty.

Try a Self-Tan

Now is the ideal time to try fake sun-kissed skin, especially for spray tan newbies. The bronzing mousse from Loving Tan gives you a streak-free, natural-looking tan while also healing your skin with aloe vera. Pick up this Tan-Luxe moisturizer if you’re seeking a face-specific solution that not only progressively tans for a radiant appearance, but also supports firm and moisturized skin owing to a blend of leucine, glycine, and squalane.

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