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Beauty Product Reviews Allure



Beauty Product Reviews Allure

Beauty Product Reviews


Review 1

Don’t be enticed to sign up for this! I ended up with no box, no refund, and a long period of time spent on the phone with seven different customer care reps, who literally depleted me. After seeing an ad on Instagram, I decided to subscribe. I was confident that a brand like “Allure” would be safe and legitimate. The box has been charged, but “they can’t find my account,” according to them. Furthermore, they informed me that the organization is “Non-refundable.” I ended up having a disagreement. I’m at a loss for words to express the dreadful experience I had with them, let alone the time I wasted following them down. “Allure” implies that you should be ashamed of one.

Review 2

I’m glad I didn’t sign up for this. I could cancel, but just for the next month… There are no returns because they receive so many requests. I received one regular quantity of an unknown product that isn’t even sold in the United States, and the rest were little sample quantities. I’m getting rid of the entire package. The regular size hand cream flakes off on the skin, and the mascara is from an unknown brand, therefore it’s total crap. Spend your money at Ulta or Sephora instead.

Review 3

This is the nicest beauty box I’ve ever seen. They let me cancel, but when I asked for it back, they renewed it. Then, for $1, I tried Glossy Box. They locked me into a year-long subscription; please do not try them out. I told Allure that I adored them, but that I had to cancel again because of the shiny box. They understood and canceled because I couldn’t afford both. I promised that I would write a fantastic review. I couldn’t wait to get my box and began taking excellent care of my face, as well as my boyfriend’s! I’ll miss them, to be honest. You should definitely give them a shot. You have the option to cancel if you don’t like it. Thanks.

Review 4

I’m surprised to see any negative feedback considering I’ve only had positive experiences with Allure. I don’t mind the lack of customization because it’s a magazine, and you’ll get all of the amazing things that the editors acquire and try out. It’s supposed to be more of a surprise box than a tailored box, but nonetheless, I get amazing stuff. The price has just increased, but the quality of the products has improved.

Review 5

This box offers the most value of any subscription box I’ve seen thus far, plus it’s very reasonable at $15 or less every month. For storage, I save the boxes it comes in. I’ve just been a subscriber for two months, but so far I’m really pleased.

Review 6

The range of things in the beauty box appealed to me, however the brands and sizes of the products themselves were not always to my liking. The pricing was a little higher than other Beauty boxes I’ve tried in the past, and I wish I could have chosen the things I liked or were familiar with. I’d also appreciate it if they took a poll about your skin type and beauty routine.

Review 7

I signed up because I enjoy testing new cosmetics. The issue with the Allure Beauty Box is that it does not allow for personalization. Month after month, I was sent goods that were not appropriate for my skin tone or type. I terminated after four months since there were too many comparable things I would never use.

Review 8

Variety, excellent product selection and quality, and excellent prices. Enjoy trying out the various beauty items that arrive in the box, which has led me to purchase what I liked and that worked well on me. The mascara, which worked flawlessly on my lashes, and the perfume, which has an exquisite scent, were two of my favorites.

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