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iPhone 12 Pro Max Review



iPhone 12 Pro Max Review

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The only phone in the market that people still like despite its latest available brands.

The best choice for iPhone users to enjoy extraordinary features and fulfill their appetite for using the best smartphone globally is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The phone is leading the smartphone market with features of having a powerful battery, a worthy display, and a high-resolution camera but unfortunately not better than iPhone 12 Pro. Currently, only the iPhone 13 Pro Max is better in some features than the iPhone 12. The thing that may trouble you after paying a high amount for buying an iPhone is its weight. The phone is relatively heavier than another phone of its kind.

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General review

Before jumping into a detailed analysis of the phone, let us give you a short overview to learn about some advancements and betterment in the new model. At the time of its release, iPhone 12 Pro Max was the most expensive iPhone with a price of $1,099. However, Apple does not sell it directly nowadays. You can find it with other retailers at discounted rates. In addition, it is also the biggest iPhone Apple has ever launched. So, it will be a bit hefty for you to carry, but after utilizing its other features, you will feel it lightly.

However, with the availability of the iPhone 13, you may not consider iPhone 12, but believe me, it still has its charm and top-class potential buyers. The iPhone 12 Pro Max design is not very much comfortable compared to the previous models. You will feel uneasy holding it with one hand while typing or swiping across the screen. The phone is a bit identical to the iPhone 4 launched a decade ago. The iPhone 4 debuted model is now again featuring in a progressive era in Pro iPhone smartphones.

The phone is also acceptable among users due to its attractive colors. The shiny metal ring around the phone’s edge gives it a more capturing look.

Additionally, the 6.7-inch display becomes the only iPhone that can convince you as you can see images and videos very clearly on the screen without getting distressed.

The most interesting feature of iPhones, which users have always admired, is their camera selection. With an upgraded, better image processor, three cameras feature in iPhone 12 Pro Max. The 12MP processor has been improved and enhanced to capture more light and take pictures with high performance. However, you should know that the camera performance of the iPhone Pro Max is not very far better than the camera performance of the iPhone 12 Pro. However, it’s better, but not as huge as it should be. When we took a picture from both iPhones during our test, there were very slight differences between the results.

In addition, if you love filmmaking, the phone is perfect for you. iPhone 12 Pro Max has special recording characteristics at 4k and 60 frames per second. So, you will like it while making videos for your channel or page. Furthermore, you should not be worried about storage while saving your videos. You can enjoy the high hold of 128GB as its initial model has that much storage, and the 5G feature facilitates faster downloading. But, you should know that just the 5G feature is not enough for a phone to buy as there many regions in the world do not have the facility to provide their residents with faster internet facilities.

Furthermore, you can also get rid of wires, etc., while charging your phone, as Apple now facilitates you with MagSafe technology to charge your phone magnetically. So, you can have extra time to use your iPhone. It also gives you to enjoy the perks of other battery timing. It is one of the best reasons to buy the iPhone 12 as it has the best battery timing higher than other phones of its kind.

After the short overview, you need to know more about iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Price and release date

The iPhone first appeared for sale on November 6, 2020. However, the announcement was made in October 2020, but only iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were available in the market. So, Apple decided to launch the new model in November 2020. At that time, the price of the iPhone, having 128GB storage, was $1,099, which reached up to $1,399 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max with storage of 512GB.

In addition, the new phone is only $100 more expensive than the previous model, iPhone 12 Pro. The price may look expensive, but you will realize that you did not spend it in vain after buying the iPhone. However, you cannot buy iPhone 12 Pro Max directly. You can buy it from a third-party retailer shop. Also, it would help if you remembered while making up your mind to buy the iPhone that it does not come with a charger. You have to purchase the charger separately. A 20W fast charger is $19, and if you want to buy MagSafe, you have to pay $39 for it.


The design of every phone is what you like the most. However, since its first model, iPhones have been very popular due to their captivating and eye-catching designs. The latest iPhone 12 Pro Max’s latest design is larger compared to other models. However, it is a bit uncomfortable to hold, having square edges like its essence model iPhone 4, but its shiny colors make it more attractive. It comes in many colors like Graphite, Gold, Silver, and Pacific Blue. We are reviewing the iPhone of gold color, which is more nice-looking than others. One thing more, the phone is thinner than the iPhone 11 Pro launched in 2019, but the largest of all of its kind. The dimensions of the iPhone are 160.8mmx78.1mmx7.4mm. In short, after buying it, you will enjoy all the features, but you may not be able to reach your thumb across the screen.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Display

The iPhone has a prominent position on the list of other iPhones featuring 6.7 inch OLED display. However, its screen is smaller than the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but its brightness is more effective than Samsung phones. The display is so nice, and while watching a movie or documentary film, you will feel like you are watching in real due to its fantastic color combination. You also can use the phone without any problem on a sunny day. Furthermore, Apple has added a layer on the screen’s surface that adds more to its protection, making it scratch resistant. All display features are perfect; however, you may miss enjoying the 120Hz display, but it is available on iPhone 13.


One of the best camera phones is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. You can capture the best moments of your life using 12MP main, 12MP ultra-wide, and 12MP telephoto cameras. Furthermore, the only phone has a 12MP front camera if you are a selfie lover. The main reason for the up-gradation of the iPhone 12 Pro was the advancement in camera performance.

The recent iPhone has a larger sensor than the previous model, iPhone 12 Pro, which delivers more than 80% exact results in low light conditions. The camera zooming effects are also better than iPhone 12 as you can get 2.5x optical zoom from the 12MP telephoto lens of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. After capturing some pictures from the iPhone camera, you will see the difference. All the images are brighter and in their real colors. However, the zoom performance of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is not better than Galaxy Note 20 ultra.

Battery life

In the current decade, people love to use smartphones, but sometimes they become worried about the battery usage of mobile phones. However, now you don’t have to worry after launching the iPhone 12 Pro Max as it offers you extended battery life. After a test, we can conclude that the iPhone has the best battery timing. As you know, smartphones consume more charge by connecting it to the internet, and when you browse using 5G, it consumes even more battery. During the test, after the consistent use of the smartphone, its battery lasted for 10 hours and 53 minutes which is 2 hours more endurance than iPhone 12 Pro. In addition, you do not have to keep your phone on charge the whole day. At $19, you can buy a 20W fast charger that can charge your mobile phone up to 50% in just 30 minutes. You can also buy MagSafe at $39, but it will set the phone up slowly.

Performance of iPhone 12 Pro Max

You will be glad to know that we found the iPhone 12 Pro Max was the most powerful iPhone during a test before launching, and even after passing two long years, it still works perfectly. When it comes to the CPU, the A14 Bionic chipset of the iPhone 12 Pro Max remains fantastic. With its 6GB RAM and CPU, it can beat any phone when multitasking and gaming. The performance of the iPhone in that price range is beyond your expectation.

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