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iPhone 13 Pro Max Review



iPhone 13 Pro Max Review

iPhone 13 Pro Max Review

What do you need more than iPhone 13 Pro Max 120Hz display and longer battery duration?

Our verdict

iPhone 13 Pro Max has come up with some latest features better than the prior iPhone models. The 120Hz display is brighter and the best for Cinematic video mode, with an extended battery life that you would need perfectly. Also, having the best camera, you can capture your best moments of life. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a remarkable phone having none of its matches in Quality and reliability until the appearance of the iPhone 14.

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General overview of iPhone 13 Pro Max

Before getting into a detailed discussion on this amazing phone that is the best now of all the phones of its kind, Have you ever thought about why people are increasingly spending an extreme amount on buying iPhone 13 Pro Max? The reason is uncovered in front of you is that you cannot deny the latest and most advanced features. The features are incredible battery life; the best cameras can satisfy your appetite to capture pictures at night mode in the best resolution. Also,  its elegant and appealing colors, high display, high protective sensor, and extra storage make it Pro the best smartphone in the world, particularly in countries where people tend to use iPhones.

If you are a professional filmmaker and want to get rid of carrying a heavy load of Cameras, stands, and heavy batteries and chargers, then iPhone 13 Pro Max came up with all-in-one features to appear with 1TB storage that allows you to continue your film making with its slight and portable models.

With all these features, you can get an expense of $1099. Though the high price of the iPhone is a little alarming, the Apple phones have structured to feel you that you have not expanded too much on the best iPhone in 2022. However, the price of the smartphone is subjective. It is not expensive for those who would love to have the best phone in the world in 2022.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max design is similar to iPhone 12 Pro Max that was launched in 2020. However, a little improvement is seen in the stainless-steel frame, having covered the massive OLED Screen. The notable feature of the design is the large camera protrusion at the rear camera to enable the photography to be clearer and more interesting.

The screen has been improved to a maximum standard of 120Hz upon the users’ request. With that enhancement in the iPhone, it came with more brightness and a soothing play-screen unharmed for eyes without using protector mode.

The most outstanding of all the features you should note is its battery timing. Some people would not like to buy iPhones for the battery problem. But now, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has outdone all the phones of its kind and other brands in amusing the users with extended and long-lasting battery life. Thought Apple has improved the battery life of all the iPhones after launching of iPhone 10. However, it may be a bit moaning that you have to pay an extra $19 to buy a charger separately to make it fast charging.

After reading the short review, now you should read the complete detail that can explain why the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the best smartphone in the world.

Release date and price of iPhone 13 Pro Max

The most expensive iPhone you can buy now is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which was released on September 14, 2021. With the launching of this iPhone, it has altered the trend of smartphone users to transfer their interests to using iPhones compared to other smartphones.

The cheapest model that you can buy at $1099 comes with low storage of 128GB. So, if you want to have a phone with extra storage, you can buy iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB model, which will cost you $1199. Furthermore, if you want to buy its other variant of 512GB, its price is $1399. The best of all and model for all, the most expensive of them having 1TB storage will cost you $1549. However, other smartphones might have 1TB storage, but Apple, for the first time, launched a smartphone having 1TB storage.


Deign of all the iPhones, from iPhone 6 to iPhone 13, is, however same, with minor variations in length, width, display size, and finer print placement. Last year only iPhone 12 was covered with stainless steel outer band. Furthermore, the iPhone is featured having a large size, so to avail all the other features, you have to bear a little hardship of holding the phone with both hands, as with one hand, you may not swipe across the screen. The speakers are fitted at the bottom of the smartphone on either side of the charging port, which also works as a USB port, that is in the middle of the phone. Like the other colors (graphite, gold, silver), Sierra Blue is on the muted side of the smartphone. MagSafe is on the back of this new model that is a magnetic connection to the charger and other accessories.

Display of iPhone 13 Pro Max

The three extra features introduced to the 6.7-inch display of the iPhone 13 Pro Max are that smaller notch, 120Hz screen, and improved brightness that allow you to watch clearly outside on sunny days. iPhone 120Hz display technology is called ProMotion that has been used on the iPad Pro for years. The higher range in Hz means the refreshment time of a screen. So, with 120Hz, you can see 120 images in a second.

In short concept, you can call it the speed that enables you to scroll your Twitter or Instagram screen very smoothly. Another benefit of a 120Hz screen is that it is the best option for gaming. However, it is not a must-have but a luxury feature. With this feature, iPhone 13 Pro Max is presented as the most luxurious smartphone on the market. But as there are benefits of a faster screen, you should also note some failures. With that screen speed, you cannot watch things clearer than you can see on the screen of the iPhone 11.

Battery life

Finally, the iPhone has solved the biggest problem that was of its battery. And now, the biggest reason for buying iPhone 13 Pro Max is its battery timing. Usually, its battery life, according to a structured experience, is 35 hours. If we compare the two best models of iPhone (iPhone 11 and iPhone 13 Pro Max), you will find that after watching a YouTube video of 2 hours and 20 minutes will full brightness, the iPhone 11 dropped the battery level to 81% and the former to the 91%. However, over a continuous use of 12 hours and 16 minutes of browsing using 5G internet, the batter demanded a charger connection. To enjoy the extended battery timing of your new iPhone, you will need to have its own charger that the company does not provide at the time of buying a phone. With its own charger, you can charge your phone faster than usual. Only by charging for 15 minutes the battery percentage will rise up to the third of its full, and it will work for 10 hours. So, if you keep on charge for more than 15 minutes, it will rise to 53%, but the remaining 47% of the charge will take more time as the speed of charging becomes slow after charging half of the battery.


For what else do you need a professional camera when the iPhone 13 Pro Max allows you to use a super camera fixed in it? Due to the battery life, the iPhone has a larger number of buyers. Similarly, the smartphone is famous for its exceptional camera, which makes it one of the best camera phones in the world.

Having a 12MP sensor, the main camera of the Apple phone enables it to capture high-quality pictures. It is the only phone of its kind to have that powerful camera sensor. Other features of the iPhone camera are macro photography, a phone setup to take a clear picture when the objects are closed to the camera, low light and night mood photography that make pictures more attractive, many photography styles, Cinematic mode that allows the camera to change the focus of the shots according to the intension of the photographer, and portrait mode.

iOS 15

the iOS 15 is not just a digit change from iOS 14, but it includes some smart upgrades. The claim of Apple can be justified as they call the iPhone 13 Pro Max the most powerful smartphone of all. With that digit, the phone is twice faster than iPhone 11 Pro Max and also faster than the 12 Prom Max. According to Apple management, the 13 Pro Max is powering things much more efficiently.

But, some high-power games like Grid Autosport did not load faster on the phone having iOS 15 as compared to the Phones launched two years before. However, the 13 Pro Max is better in terms of video transcoding than other phones. What I say here means that having iOS 15 does not mean that it would be faster in every aspect. Besides speed, other features that the operating system 15 has are an updated weather app, an enhanced Map app with more detail, and better road views.

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