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Nike Airforce 1 Review



Nike Airforce 1

Nike Airforce 1

Nike shoe has remained the best option for all shoe users who prefer using shoes having all the characteristics. Nike Airforce 1 High Top was released in 2007 and since then has been in the market as the best choice. The fact is quite evident that with the launching of Nike shoes, the shoe market has been uplifted to an advanced level of quality and durability. Undoubtedly, Nike sneakers are the best in the world. There are many varieties in Nike shoes, offering you different senses with different and identical qualities.

Nike Airforce 1 is named after the inspiration of Nike’s Air Approach hiking shoes. The Airforce shoe was once launched in 1982, but Nike discontinued it after 1984. However, after seeing its popular demand and positive feedback from the customers, they started it again in 1986 and are still in use by producing new models every after a particular duration. Since 1980, Nike has been producing extraordinary shoes. So, there are more than 2000 variations in sneakers today.

Many reasons can make true the claim that Nike shoes are the best. Its upper premium leather, breathability, durability, and comfort make it more favorable for sneaker users. Great ankle and heel support and versatile use may convince you more effectively. In addition, the shoe is admired for its excellent padding. Also, it offers you many variations regarding color and design so you can choose accordingly. But, some flaws may stop you from buying it. However, they are not too many. Its high price and creasing in the upper leather are two characteristics of sometimes the customer’s reluctance to buy it. Also, some customers complain about its wearing on due to its elevated structure.

We are discussing Nike Airforce 1. For a detailed review, you should read the entire article carefully and decide whether you should buy it or not. But, you should remember that we are not suggesting or stopping you from buying these shoes. We are just reviewing them to let you know about different varieties of shoes, so you can decide what can be the best option for you. However, if we have experienced some shoes and found them the best, we suggest you use them.

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For shoes, particularly sneakers, it is necessary to have a robust outsole as they are used for running on rough tracks and roads that can harm the shoe and feet. So, to avoid unpleasing results, one should use shoes with having robust outsole. Nike has done much to introduce new technology when it comes to basketball shoes, and also it revolutionized the game forever. With the launching of Airforce 1, most shoe companies, looking to the popularity of Nike, have featured their shoes with a herringbone pattern in the outsoles of the shoes for grip. So, when the basketball players bring their top form on the court, they prefer shoes with a rubber outsole with a circular thread pattern. Shoes having this pattern are the best option for basketball players to gain points. Due to its outsole, the shoe has an excellent grip and helps you to keep firm your feet on the ground.

The shoe will also prevent you from slipping due to its secure grip, and thus you can avoid injuries. In addition, rubber materials used in the outsole are of high quality, allowing users to use the shoes for a long time. Not only for running and gaming, but you can also use it on casual occasions.


We are reviewing Nike Airforce 1. We discussed that it had revolutionized the basketball sneakers. After more than three decades, the shoe’s design is the same as it was in 1982. The company speaks for itself, as there was no company seen before to introduce Air technology in the midsole of Airforce 1. The foam midsole gives you exceptional comfort. Also, it contains a pressurized air pocket in the shoe’s heel, allowing you to absorb the shock of every footfall. This effect allows you a very comfortable bouncy, and springy feel. So, if you are a basketball player, the shoes are the best option for you to move and jump fast and high.

Upper of Nike Airforce 1

For a smoother look, the upper of the revamped model of Airforce shoes are made of premium leather. However, Nike has introduced perforation in the upper to increase breathability for proper ventilation that keeps the foot dry and cool. The upper of the shoe is the most exciting feature of Nike Airforce 1. The feature allows maximum flexibility and sufficient support and stability to the ankles. The upper is designed especially after the inspiration of Nike Air approach hiking shoes as the top is elevated around the tongue area and lower toward the heel. In addition, the lacing is also the best as it will not be untied during the use and will give the foot a firm grip. There is also a scrap around the ankle that adds more to the shoe’s support while holding the foot.


Breathability is the characteristic of the shoe that lets the air into the shoe to avoid smell and sweat. The feature is essential for every shoe, especially for sports shoes. However, the upper of Nike Airforce 1 is made of leather, but it does not lack breathability. The toe box has a particular pore that lets the pass-through in and out. The shoe’s breathability prevents the foot from overeating, evident during long practice hours. Nike shoes are also best for casual use, not only for gamers. After wearing it the whole day long, its breathability feature will not let you feel uncomfortable. In addition, there are many more features that increase the comfort level of the shoes.


The Nike Airforce 1 is very comfortable to wear. The users always praised whoever has used the shoes; and claimed that Nike has first time produced shoes of this comfort level. You know it better that even if you buy expensive shoes but have no comfort, then it is useless. The Nike Airforce has many features that enhance its comfort level and thus make it the priority of top-class basketball players. Usually, the shoes are best for casual use, but mainly they are the priority of players as they do practice and game the whole day long, so it is essential for them to keep their feet comfortable.


Nowadays, users like only those shoes with the best features and an appealing and attractive look and style. The overall structure and design of the shoes are almost the same as it was in 1982. As you know, Nike had stopped production of shoes in 1982, and when in 1984, they started it again at the demand of the customers and users; the first design they had launched was Nike Airforce. You can buy it in two thousand different designs depending on colors and pattern. However, the most popular design is white and black. The shiny looks of the shoes not only make them popular among basketball players but also it is popular among casual users. However, the shoe has remained the crowd’s favorite all the time since its production.


While looking at its structure, you will understand how durable it is. Its unique sole and premium material make it more durable than other ordinary shoes—the outsole of any shoe plays an essential role in increasing its durability. Similarly, the use of quality material in shoe production extends its life. The outsole of the Nike Airforce 1 is made of rubber material with a circular thread for excellent grip and fraction. Shoes also have a longer life. Which midsole is made perfectly. The midsole of the shoe is featured with Nike Air technology cushioning. Nike Airforce has a unique feature of premium upper leather that gives it extra strength to cope with harsh conditions.


Though all the features like upper, midsole, outsole, durability, and design are essential, the most significant is protection. The Nike Airforce 1 provides the best protection and protects your feet from any unwanted and unpleasant circumstances. Its high and strong outsole and foamy midsole make your feet secure and comfortable. The unique materials used in the shoe also mitigate the risk of falling and harming your feet.


The price of Nike Airforce 1 shoes is $219.95. however, the shoes are expensive, but after reading all about their features and benefits, you will feel that it deserves the price it has. One reason for its high price is that Nike has issued the shoes in minimal stock. However, with the collaboration and sponsorship of many renowned players, the shoes became unique. But, if you are fond of wearing fabulous and top-class shoes, then the price of Nike Airforce 1 does not matter to you, and it is the best option for you.

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