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Nike Air Max Plus Review



Nike Air Max Plus

Nike Air Max Plus

If you are fond of wearing luxurious shoes while jogging in the morning or working out in the gym, the Nike Air Max Plus is the best option. Its eye-catching design and comfortable grip of the foot will make you fall in love with it. With every launch of Nike shoe, the curiosity of users increases, and they expect it to be the best of all its previous designs and model, as Nike always produces nice, beautiful, comfortable shoes. The only aim of the brand is to facilitate the users with extraordinary varieties of shoes. However, Nike also produces shoes for economic users to let them feel the top branded shoes’ perks while spending an affordable amount.

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General review

Nike Air Max Plus, you can buy it in various colors. However, the black is my choice, at the price of $150. Many users of the shoes found it comfortable and pleasant, but also complained about its high sole. The shoes are sneakers but not very much a favorite for running because of their heavy structure. If you can see its design, you will feel its long-lasting durability.

The well-known brand used premium material in the production of this great shoe. You should know that people like to wear comfortable shoes while running or doing exercise. So, the Nike Air Max Plus is designed to be the best comfortable shoe. Also, you can determine from their look how durable the shoes are. The shoe gives a solid grip to your foot with excellent arch support. Sometimes, you like to buy Nike shoes, but you give up due to the high price. Now, you can buy Nike Air Max Plus at highly affordable rates, less expensive than other kinds of Nike Shoes.

In addition, with too many features, some flaws may stop you from buying it. There is a variety of more significant Nike shoes available in the market. Its design looks a bit bulky and cannot possibly attract lightweight runners. However, the flaws are minor than the features that let you increase your interest in buying it.

Here are some of the Nike Air Max Plus characteristics you should read.

Outsole of Nike Air Max Plus

The outsole of any shoe makes it durable. Shoes have more robust outsoles that last longer than the other shoes. As you can see, the Nike Air Max Plus has a robust outsole making it a perfect product. The outsole is more important than the middle and upper, as it is always in contact with rugged roads or jogging tracks, which can decrease the life of a shoe. It also helps you protect your feet against rougher areas. But the outsole of Nike is so strong that it is highly resistant to these circumstances. Comparatively, the sole of Nike Air Max Plus is more robust and thicker than other kinds of Nike shoes. The extra thickness of the outsole helps you get extra bounce while running.

We have discussed in our previous reviews that our purpose is not to exaggerate shoe brands or companies. Our main aim is to bring facts in front of you to make a better decision. Similarly, we describe the positive aspects of shoes, but we also let you know about their negative feedback.


Compared to other outstanding features of Nike Air Max Plus, its midsole is not very admirable because of its hollowness and uncomfortable response to the feet. This part of any shoe plays an essential role in its demand. Besides, the shoe’s midsole is a very underrated and attractive part of Nike shoes. However, all part of a shoe has a particular purpose, but the midsole performs an essential purpose of gripping the feet and attracting the users.

Upper of Nike Air Max Plus

The upper of the Nike Air Max Plus is exceptional due to its quality of enhancing the shoe’s breathability to make your feet more comfortable. The design and look of the upper of the Nike shoe are always unique as it is composed of shiny mesh combined with a stripe pattern. Moreover, the upper of the shoe is soft and comfortable to wear. But, let me tell you here is a little thing that may make you doubt whether to buy the shoes, as the upper of the shoes is not very resistant to water. So, it can get soaked, and your foot may feel uncomfortable.

Weight of Nike Air Max Plus

It has also been a challenging factor for shoemaking companies to produce shoes for running that are light, comfortable, and attractive at the same time. But, Nike has always been able to produce such shoes that can satisfy the customer on a broader level. The Nike Air Max Plus is at the same time lightweight, easy to wear, comfortable, and durable enough to last for a longer time. These three traits may convince anyone to buy Nike shoes. The shoes are lightweight, however, but as compared to Vapormax or other models, Nike Air Max Plus is a bit heavy.


Breathability is the characteristic of any shoe that lets the air in to make the foot more comfortable. So, for the comfort of your feet, shoemaking companies must produce shoes with having breathability area. However, if a shoe is not letting the air in, your feet may feel uncomfortable and become highly sweaty, which can also blister your feet. The Nike Air Max Plus shoes are breathable as compared to other brands. The advanced design of the shoe makes it more breathable, which allows your feet to feel well after a long day of running.


The first thing the buyers notice in shoes while buying them is their comfort level. If your purpose is to buy shoes for running, you should go for the most comfortable buying shoes. The Nike Air Max Plus is undoubtedly the most comfortable for athletes. Other best features that increase its comfort level are its midsole air system and stretchable weave. The shoes are built using high-quality material, so they will thoroughly grip your feet, and your foot and toe will feel extraordinary comfort after wearing them. However, all Nike shoes are carefully designed to make them more comfortable.

Style of Nike Air Max Plus

Nike competes with other shoe brands in producing stylish shoes. The style of Nike shoes is admired by millions of people who regularly use Nike shoes. Currently, we are reviewing Nike Air Max Plus. Its style is unique and sophisticated. The most crucial factor of its style is its design; men and women equally like that. However, the shoes look a bit bulky. That is designed to enhance its durability, yet it is appreciable. But, you should also go for other shoe brands to compare them and then choose your choice because style varies with one’s personality.


The only characteristic of Nike Air Max Plus that is the most admirable is its durability. Nike has used unique materials to enhance its durability and comfort. The thickness of the shoe adds more to its durability, which is helpful in challenging outside conditions for runners; and helps you keep your feet safe. Therefore, Nike Air Plus is the best choice for hiking, running, and jogging on rougher tracks and also best for an indoor workout in gyms. Usually, bulky shoes are considered likely to have the features of long-lasting.


Apart from durability and style, you should also look for how the shoe protects your feet. While buying shoes, some users always fail to notice this feature that is the most important. But fortunately, the Nike Air Max Plus has been designed so that the thick and hard bottom of the shoes protects you from any unwanted unpleasing happenings. Also, the thickness of the shoe’s body ensures 100% of your feet and makes the shoes unlikely to tear or damage.

Price of Nike Air Max Plus

After reading about too many features of the shoes, you must be curious to know about their price. The price of the shoes is not too high, not too low. But as compared to other pairs of shoes having the same number of features, the price of the Nike Air Plus is very affordable. You can buy it at the expense of $170. After buying the shoes and using them, you will feel that you did not waste your money, and they deserve that much price. There is some customer who even wants to use it more than one time. However, the price is not too high, affecting your decision to buy it.

Furthermore, you can buy top-class shoes with leather mudguard that makes the shoes more durable at this price. The only feature of the shoe is it’s fitting to all sizes of feet by tightening and losing the laces.

Final words

Eventually, we can say that Nike Air Max Plus can be the best choice for you. This was all about shoes; you can also read reviews on smartphones, smartwatches, and automobiles.

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