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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G Review



Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G Review

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Do you want to buy the best Samsung smartphone at an affordable price? Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G has all the features you want in a phone. The phone has an exceptional 120Hz display that enables you to watch your favourite videos smoothly without any interruption. Also, you can buy the phone in six different colours of your choice with attractive designs. To capture the beautiful moments of your life, you can enjoy the availability of triple cameras. However, the annoying thing that may distract you from buying the phone is its battery life which may not satisfy you with its performance.

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General overview

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition) may not make you very much with its battery performance, but it is still the choice of many users who prefer Samsung compared to other smartphones. Many expected that the new phone would be ‘lite’, but technically it is not; it is just a distinction in the name. However, the phone is more affordable than the previous model, Galaxy S20. So, that is why you can also consider it as a review of the Samsung Galaxy S20 light. Although the phone is now included in the category of old mobile phones, as the company has replaced it with Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, if you want to buy it, you can buy it somewhere in used condition as the company has stopped manufacturing it.

The starting price of the phone is $699. At this low cost, you can enjoy the features 120Hz screen operated by a top-ranked high processor. The phone is more affordable than the previous model S20 as its price was $999 at the starting point. But, the phone is expensive as compared to other brands having the same feature. You can buy the phone of different companies at less price having all the features, but some people prefer Samsung because it is the best innovative company of smartphones in the world.

Our review aims not to advertise a phone or a phone company, but to bring information about the best phones in the world. So, then you can analyze them and select your choice according to your priorities. 

So, spending $699 on buying Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, you should buy Galaxy S21 as its price starts from $799. That $100 gap between the phone enables you to enjoy much more features, and you can buy a much better phone.

As discussed above, the phone’s design may not be very effective due to its plastic back, which gives it a cheaper look; the display is not curved. But, Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition comes in various appealing and eye-catching colours. You can buy the phone in pale, red, and other bright colours.

People buy smartphones for entertainment and fulfil the day’s needs as all the matters in our lives are now becoming digitalized. But, for this purpose, they need smartphones with extended and long-lasting battery life to continue using their phone without the interruption of battery-low notification. The Battery of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is not very supportive. The phone will not let you use it for the whole day long watching HD videos on the internet. You may also not be able to take lots of pictures and make videos. The factors that eat the battery percentage are the 120Hz screen and 5G connectivity. So, eventually, you can also keep using your phone for the whole day if you lessen the use of these two factors. But, if you avoid these, you may not feel the absolute joy of having the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

The feature you want to buy the phone will not disappoint you. You can take beautiful cameras using all three rear cameras of the phone. You can also take pictures at night as Samsung has improved the night mood on the phone to improve your photography skills.

The best features worth being admired are the top-class processor that increases the screen’s refreshing rate.

As we mentioned above that our mission is not to sell you any phone at any cost. However, in this review, we want to tell you that Samsung S20 FE is not the best, but comparatively better.

Price and release of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

The phone was launched on September 23, 2020. But, it was not directly available for sale. After a complete testing procedure, it was brought to the market on October 2. To make it affordable, its initial price was fixed at $699. If the price looks to you a little bit higher, it is due to its 5G connectivity, because in some countries, still, it is available only in the 4G model. However, if you do not live in a country where 5G is available, we will not recommend you buy the 5G model. However, as this is an old model, you can buy it at a lower price from a third-party retailer.

Design of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

The design of the phone is not attractive. However, the variety of colours will somehow change your mind. At first sight, it will look to you identical to S20 due to its similar rectangular camera placement. But, after taking it in hand, you will feel the difference then as its display is not curved. The phone is bigger than S20 as its dimensions are 159.8×74.5×8.4mm. The next difference is the curve in the screen that will not let you feel comfortable while using it. But, the design is not a matter of course for all Samsung users. Some might not care for all these lacking. The Samsung made its back from Glasstic plastic to give it a look as if it is made of glass. But, after examination from the close-end, it feels like plastic by touching it. Samsung has played a trick, but it did not work. However, the one thing that can make you like the design of the Samsung S20 FE is its variety of colours. it is available in many beautiful and shiny colours.


However, if the design is not according to your standard and choice, its 120Hz display will make you fall in love with it. The high production will help you in smoother scrolling and uninterrupted gameplay. The high Hz rate makes the performance of the phone faster. 120Hz means that its refreshing rate is 120 times in a second, which is faster than 60 times in a second of Note 20. The phone also enables you to drop down the rate to 60Hz to save the battery life. Also, the 6.5-inch display of the phone makes it more comfortable to hold and watch. You can watch high-resolution videos like 2400×1080. However, watching a video in HD mood may consume more battery of the phone. But, you should also remember that S20 had 3200×1440 resolution, so there is a decline in this new lite model.

Cameras of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Keeping apart all other features, the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S20 are its outstanding feature. 12MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide, and 8MP telephone cameras allow taking attractive pictures while enjoying a picnic, tours, or many wedding and birthday ceremonies. If you are a selfie lover, its 32 MP selfie camera gives you exceptional performance. The three rear cameras are also the best for their auto function that regulates the light. It provides the required light condition for the phone. If you snap a picture on sunny days, it reduces the quantity of the morning, and if you snap a photo in cloudy weather, it adjusts the light. However, the Samsung S20 FE is the best option for night mood pictures. The 8MP telephoto camera shows its best performance while zooming in on the images. Its 30x digital zoom effect allows you to take a picture from a far distance without affecting the detail.

Battery life

We have discussed in the start that though the phone is the best in all other aspects, its battery life may not satisfy you. The 4500mAh battery may not fulfil all your needs of the day and may not last for the whole day after watching some HD videos and playing games. However, it can also last for a full day if you partly use your smartphone. The features that consume more battery are 5G connectivity and 120Hz display. To enjoy your phone whole day, there are some power-saving features to turn them off and save more battery. The 25W charger is not very fast, but you can charge the phone at night. You can also have a wireless charger of 15W that can increase the charging rate.


The phone is excellent for playing high-class games due to its 4G and 5G features. In addition, the phone has a Snapdragon processor and 6Gb RAM, which is enough to boost its performance according to your standard and choice. Its performance is very excellent whether you switch among the apps or run your car in Asphalt 9. In a performance parameter, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE scored 2928 in the multi-core product, which is lesser than the S20. However, the iPhone 11 scored 3251. As a result of all the discussion, we can conclude that Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is the best phone relatively to its price.

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