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Google Pixel 6 Review



Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 is the first android phone which was built by the in-house Tensor Chipset of Google. To represent a new bold future for google, google had avoided Kirin & Exynos as well as Ditched Qualcomm by doing this Tensor’s efficiency and performance improved over the mid-range of last year’s Snapdragon 765G.

The main focus of the company is to improve the capabilities of the camera. The rear camera consists of 50MP which includes a 12MP selfie snapper present on the front & a 12MP ultrawide unit. A new tool is added to the editing of photos which is “Magic Eraser ”, it can remove people and objects from the image by just circling them. The display screen is slightly larger than last year i.e., 6.4 AMOLED display, with a refresh rate of 90 Hz maximum and payback HDR10+. It comes with internal storage of 128GB & RAM of 8GB. There is another option of 256GB internal storage.

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Pixel 6 Design

The unique new look arises from the horizontal camera bar that extends to the other back side of the phone. It’s a kind of a different point of view from other camera arrays, that are usually enclosed to the left upper corner of the device. Another good side effect is that the horizontal bar can stick out from the back of the Pixel 6, it avoids wobbling when you put down the phone on its back.

From the front view, there is an 8MP selfie camera present in the center of the 6.4 inches display & there is a fingerprint sensor on the bottom beneath the glass panel. To use a fingerprint sensor, you have to press and hold the finger as opposed to the sensor, simple touch will not work & comparatively, it’s slower than other handsets. The device has a water resistance rate of IP68 and for scratch resistance, they have used Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus. Pixel 6’s 6.4-inch display is bigger as well as thicker than Samsung Galaxy S21 & iPhone 13.

Pixel 6 Display

Measurement of Google Pixel 6 is 158.60 x 74.80 x 8.90mm & its weight is 207.00 grams. Thinking about the display of 6.4 inches, it’s not too small or too big but it’s perfect for most the users. The resolution of 2400 x 1080p is very sharp and all apps can easily fill up the screen with available space. Google Pixel 6 offers a refresh rate of 90Hz and in order to preserve the battery this device will drop down to a 60Hz refresh rate.

In the Pixel 6 display, the colors are stable compared to other smartphones with the same price using AMOLED panels. When its display is set to Natural, it shows a 100.9% sRGB color spectrum. Its Delta-E score is 0.28 which is a bit less accurate than the iPhone 13 i.e., 0.26 in terms of reproduction of color.

The brightness of the Pixel 6 is not hurting, when the adaptive display feature is enabled, we checked the screen of the Pixel 6 at 843 nits (of brightness). Pixel 6 is brighter as compared to other phones like Apple, OnePlus, and Samsung.

Pixel 6 Performance

The main focus around the Pixel 6 release was Tensor, Google built a chip that fastens the capabilities of machine learning. We can take an example of an image-enhance capability that is due to Tensor. If we are talking about graphics, the performance of Tensor is more likely in line with other Android flagships. The Pixel 6’s Score of 3D MWLU (3D Mark’s Wildlife Unlimited test is around 34 frames per second.

Graphics of Pixel 6 looked sharp & response time was also good while playing PUBG Mobile. Another feature of this device is Pixel 6 Specific Optimization which allows you to choose whether you need the best graphics or you want to preserve the life of the battery. I was impressed by the speakers of Pixel 6 which are present on the top & bottom of the device. Sometimes, playing games in landscape mode can cause the risk of covering the speaker with our hands but pixel 6’s sound is loud and clear even if we covered the speaker with our hands.

Pixel 6 Battery Life

Pixel 6 battery is 4,614 mAh, but battery life isn’t strong enough. The stamina of battery life is decreasing by 19% compared to the Pixel 5 that is released in 2020. The result of the video rundown test is just 18hrs & 34 mins. That means you have to charge your phone more often. When we enabled a refresh rate of 90Hz, Pixel 6 lasted about 8 hours & 13 mins using the 5G network. The average time of Pixel 6 is 10 hours & 52 mins by doing multiple tests.

I used a fully charged Pixel 6 and spent the afternoon taking images & doing some other tests and leaving it for the whole night without charging. I checked the next morning, it still had 70% charging remaining which is good enough.

Pixel 6 Features

Pixel 6 built-in Software is Android 12, Google’s latest software update for smartphones. The wallpapers available are all adjusted using the Kinda Coral review unit, we can also get color themes for built-in apps of Google.

The Google Assistant has become smarter than before & new features have been added. You can send messages by dictating them using Google assistant & its accurate assistant even places punctuation marks without dictating. It’s so smart that it can insert question marks and periods judging by the sound of your voice. All you have to say is “Hi Google Assistant, type” for every message.

The new feature is present in Pixel 6, you can easily stop your alarm by saying “stop” or “snooze” it for 10 mins. In a similar way, you can answer or decline an incoming phone call by saying “answer” or “decline”.

The recorder app is smart enough which can record & transcribe Japanese and German. There is a new live translation feature that can recognize all different languages in media, pictures, and messages & can convert them into English for you.

The most valuable and amazing implementation is the feature of the interpreter that Google assistant can listen to and can immediately translate the spoken text. You can translate 48 languages if you’re connected with mobile data or Wi-fi, Pixel 6 itself can handle Japanese and German languages without using the internet. I tried this feature by speaking the German language, Google Assistant translated it easily into English.

Google Pixel 6 Specifications


Screen Size 6.4-inches (2400 x 1080)
Internal Storage 128GB & 256GB
Front camera 8MP (f/2.0)
Back Camera 50MP wide (f/1.85), 12MP ultrawide


Weight 7.3 ounces
Size 6.2 x 2.9 x 0.4 inches
CPU Google Tensor
Software Android 12
Battery Size 4,614 mAh

Refresh rate

Stormy Black, Sorta Sage, Kinda Coral


Pixel 6 Pros

  • It supports a faster speed of charging.
  • It can erase unwanted objects or people by using the Magic Eraser feature.
  • It has a new bold design with a display of 6.4 inches.
  • It includes 5 years of software/security updates.

Pixel 6 Cons

There are some issues with Pixel 6 like the fingerprint sensor, some users of pixel 6 reported that when the battery dies, the fingerprint sensor stops working. They can’t use it & in trying to retrain it ends up with failure during setup.

Some users have reported the issue of ghost dialing contacts, when do not disturb mode is enabled then a ghost call comes from you in the middle of the night. Another issue with pixel 6 is that its Wi-Fi calling feature is not working properly. Some users reported that a second hole punch appeared on display. Some users have reported another issue of carrier network being unavailable temporarily due to this you won’t have signals & get any call.

Google Pixel 6 Price

Pixel 6 128GB (8GB RAM) $ 787.9
Pixel 6 256GB (8GB RAM) $ 999.0


Google Pixel 6 is definitely an interesting device, it has many features like live translation, a special image enhancing tool, and live transcribing that runs on Tensor’s TPU. The efficiency and performance of this device are quite fast. But there are some issues present in Pixel 6, the function of the fingerprint sensor, Wi-fi calling feature wasn’t working properly.

In general, I think by using Tensor, Google has achieved its goals. With respect to design, they gave main priority to battery life and energy efficiency. In the end, I would like to say the device is overall amazing & faster than other similar phones which mean in the future there will be a tough competition between Google’s smartphones and other phones.

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