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Is Urdu language of love?



Urdu language

As indicated by current realities, Urdu was the endowment of Mughals to India. Be that as it may, there are a couple of contentions about the equivalent. Because of the absence of idiot-proof data, one has forever had one or two severe misgivings about its starting point.

Often, we wind up partnering the Urdu language with Arabic and Persian. However, it is unseemly. Urdu, which has a little dash of Arabic and Persian words, is local to India. Being more unambiguous, this language had its progenitors from Persia; however, the Indians chose to give it their name when it came to the present.

Origin of Urdu language as a love language

The Urdu language took a rise during the time of the Mughals. In the era of the Mughal empire, their king encouraged the writers, musicians, and artists to come forward and express their love for their desired art form.

King Akbar was the one who allowed every Persian, Hindu, and Irani writer to pursue their poetry when Iran was not supporting the literature at that time. Due to this, many Persian writers found refuge in India and turned the Urdu language into a love language. They made Urdu a language of love, poetry, and diplomatic exchanges.

Love language and Urdu

The Urdu language vividly shows love at all ideal levels. It was successful in convincing its readers and audience of the actual meaning and substance of love. Whether it was brief amorous sentences or big emotional poetry, Urdu had its own tone, phrasing, and style.

Many people considered the dialect to be their all-time favorite since it allowed them to appear smart while also assisting them in declaring their love.

Urdu and love poetry

When it comes to the romantic aspect of Urdu, one may argue that this dialect has been imagined by every imaginable Indian poet & writer.

Whether its Ghalib’s ghazal combined for legendary films or lines by prominent songwriters like Gulzar, Irshad Kamil, and Prasoon Joshi, Urdu has so far been everyone’s favorite language for expressing love, passion, and emotions.

The downfall of Urdu in the essence of love

The king of love languages is fading with each day, and the attention has switched to themes that have no place in its contrast. Urdu is regarded as an old language, to just be regarded as a relic of the past with purely artistic value.

Its use now has declined because the current generation does not value its rich grammar and finer aesthetic values. This language made a significant contribution by giving love the position of heavenly essence. It’s time to repay the language that once stood as the ultimate example of respect and style.

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