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Is Urdu an easy language to learn?



Is Urdu an easy language to learn

Just remember that before getting started, everything seems to be very difficult. Once you initiate, you begin to get a grip; the same is valid with language. It appears to be the most difficult language for you at the start because it will suddenly shift in different font, words, and grammar.

Stop worrying over queries like “Is Urdu difficult to learn?” If you decide to visit a new nation, migrate, or learn a new language, attempt to learn Urdu. Urdu, Pakistan’s national language, is quickly gaining popularity. India recognizes Urdu as among the country’s thirty commonly spoken languages.

Urdu is an easy language.

Well, at the start, you will hear that Urdu is the most complicated language but stay firm and focused. You will learn it within a month. All you must do is that you will have to wait consistently and be determined. But to clear the air, Urdu has some challenging parts, but they can also be overcome if you get a grip on the easy ones.

Urdu has similarities with other languages.

If you are familiar with the languages of the middle east, like Arabic, Persian and Turkish, etc., you will learn Urdu very fast. The bulk of Oriental languages shares similar writing characters or accents, with some variance. With a few exceptions, most of the letters of the alphabet found in one Eastern language may also be found in the others.

It is also worth noting that Urdu can absorb new terms from other languages. For example, Urdu has adapted a few English words and used in Urdu-speaking countries like:

  • Traffic
  • Hospital
  • Tv
  • Fridge

Why Urdu is hard to understand

The Urdu script’s peculiarity

The Urdu language has its alphabet, a hybrid of the Arabic and Persian characters. Urdu has thirty-eight letters and unique vowel marks, which are not included in 38 alphabets. The text in the Urdu language is written from right to left, from top right to bottom left. Many non-natives struggle to grasp and master this quality.

The involvement of 2 genders complexes the sentence

In Urdu, there are just two genders. Males are all masculine, including people and animals. Femininity may be found in all feminine people and animals. Inanimate articles and abstract nouns, which Urdu speakers must remember, are also masculine or feminine.

Gender in Urdu functions similarly to grammatical gender in most Indo-European languages. In Urdu, all nouns are constituted, agreeing with adverbs and pronouns.

Urdu Literature with Complex Phrases and sentences

To master the preferred learning language, you must read books with the same vocabulary. However, vowel markers and rising consonants sound very different in Urdu than in any other language.

Urdu has a sentence structure that is opposed to English.

Urdu’s sentence structure differs from that of any European language. The sentence structure in English is “subject-verb-object”; however, it is the reverse in Urdu. The sentence structure in Urdu is “subject-object-verb.”

The negative sentence pattern of Urdu can also be confusing at times. So don’t be surprised if anyone asks you, “Is Urdu difficult to learn?” Allow time for the student to acquire the notion of the Languages.

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