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Importance of Learning Pashto Language



Learning Pashto Language

Pashto is the language of Iran, but it is most common in Afghanistan. In Pakistan, it is the second most spoken language. The language is about 2500 years old and spoken by a diverse group of people. Around forty million to fifty million people talk about this language worldwide, most residing in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It also considers India’s three official languages: Hindi and Urdu. Pashto has gained in popularity around the world. It has become the intermediary native tongue of the US, Canada, the U.K., and, in particular, some societies in the UAE, among many native English speakers interested in exploring Pashto or other Asian languages.

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Over 40 % of the population speaks Pashto around the globe.

That is a large group! However, millions of people are literate in their native tongue. If you have always wanted to study a second language, Pashto could be worthy of your attention. The Afghan language is used in Central Asia and utilizes the Persian Arabic script.

Several Arabic alphabets or their Elements are introduced, and some Persian verbs have been incorporated into Pashto. Pashto is written using an Arabic script that has been adapted.

New language greater approaches

One of our most vital resources is language. Once you have more communication options, it is simpler to establish common ground and form new relationships with individuals from diverse origins and cultures. Aside from that, learning a second language might make you smarter.

Studies have shown that knowing many languages makes it so much easier for your brain to retain specific knowledge later in life. Get started by installing several language study applications on your mobile device. Apps on mobile devices have made learning simple and quick.

The wide majority of Pashto speakers in Pakistan

Pashto is not only Afghanistan’s primary language, but it is also widely spoken in Pakistan. In Pakistan, you will find Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, one of the most communal areas in Pakistan where people talk in Pashto.

KPK is an area with a wide variety of Pashto speakers. you will find many people who speak Pashto, but their Pashto varies from place to place. some people speak pure Pashto, but some speak Pashto with an enhanced blend of Persian.

Pashto is quite easy to learn

Many people believe that learning a second language is challenging, however, this is not the case. It all varies on how you go about it. To begin, you must select an absorption option that works for you. Because your brain learns words and concepts faster when they are in context, Pashto learners go out or build friendships with one who talks and understands Pashto so you may learn directly via them.

Pashto script is like the basics of Arabic

It is written in Arabic script so if you know Arabic or Persian you can write Pashto easily. Along with that, it is also easy for Arabic and Persian learners to learn Pashto. Many basic and foundational words are taken from the Arabic dialect. Pashto now officially has 46 letters that are supporting the Naskhi script.

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