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Apple Watch Series 6 review



Apple Watch Series 6 review

Apple Watch Series 6

Now with Apple Watch 6 or Apple watch series 6, you can avail all the facilities and features you have been thinking of. At a very economical cost, you can buy a luxurious watch with blood monitoring apps, exclusive features about health and fitness, a brighter display that will make you more attractive to the Watch, and a faster chip enabling you to use it without interruption.

However, Apple does not stop here while producing such an outstanding and excellent product. We can still hope for a better version based on quality and design. After launching exceptional smartphones, you know it better than Apple, now taking giant steps to launch luxurious and fancy smartwatches.

There are many features installed in the Apple Watch Series 6. Still, in the collection of health apps, the installation of blood oxygen monitoring parameters is an innovation in the Watch that other smartwatches companies have failed to introduce in their intelligent products. But, for the model we are reviewing, the Apple health feature is not notable enough to prefer the smartwatch. There are more than that available for you to buy the Watch. The extended battery life brought many improvements and up-gradation to the previous models. You can buy a smartwatch like never before with sleep tracking and other excellent features. Also, it is available in many shining and attractive colors. With too many features, some flaws may stop you from buying them. The battery life is thought longer but may not fulfill all your needs and requirement.

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General overview

Before buying the Watch, read here to know what exactly you need to buy. The Apple Watch 6 was released with Apple Watch SE. You can also call it Apple Watch 6. All the Apple watches work as a mini screen connected to your iPhone. You can call it security or compatibility lacking that all the Apple watches have no connection with other phones that are not iPhones. So, the connectivity with only iPhones makes it a little tough to buy. But, users who have iPhones will tend to buy them to make their personalities stylish, luxurious, and comfortable.

However, until the arrival of the Apple Watch 7, the Apple Watch 6 was considered an advanced and modern product of Apple. However, some users might still want to use the Apple 6 smartwatch, while some might wonder what new features the Apple 7 smartwatch brings. So, something must be attractive that can satisfy you to prefer the advanced model to a year-old model.

You might want to know the price of this fantastic product. However, it may look to you high, but the price may fall short after knowing its features. You can buy the Apple 6 smartwatch for only $399, having a size of 40mm. It is dispiriting that Apple does not offer any discount on this old model despite the latest model being available in the market.

The perfect feature is its brighter display, enabling you to use it in sunny conditions. Also, the sensor lets you know about the oxygen level in your blood function based on pulse rate. The new features missing in smartwatches of other brands are the sleep tracker, which lets you know how many hours of sleep you took and what amount your body needs. With the sleep tracking option, you can regularize your sleeping schedule, which might positively impact your mental and physical health.

If we compare the Appel Watch 7 and 6, you will not make a prominent difference. There is a slight change in display and size. According to our parameter, you can say that there is only a 20% improvement from the previous model. However, the price rise is quite notable. But, if you buy the older version, the Apple Watch 6, instead of the updated version, the Apple Watch 7, you will not miss many things as there are rumors that the new model has a unique sensor. Still, there was nothing new in sensor up-gradation when we examined it carefully.

The purpose of our reviews is no branding of any company or products. Our primary goal is to explore products and explain them to you, so you can make a better and more fruitful decision while choosing a product. That’s why we are showing you both aspects.

The Apple Watch 6 is the best option to date because it has a prominent position on the list of top Apple smartwatches in the world, and it is also one of the best smartwatches in the market. The main cause for its popularity is its high performance and its square display design. You should note that the medical sensors should be taken seriously, as Apple announced that all these for just keeping you alarmed about your fitness status.

Price of Apple Watch Series 6

The price of this great Watch, the Apple Watch Series 6, is $399 with the size of 40mm. However, if you are looking for 44mm, it will cost you $429. But, these prices are only for the GPS version. The price of the 40mm LTE version Apple 6 watch starts from $499; the price of the same version but in size of 44mm is $529. These prices are for normal eyes, but if you want to buy more luxurious and stylish, it may cost you up to $1499. The latter price may look a bit hefty, but Apple is all about luxury and style, so one would be agreeably ready to buy that. But if you want to use Apple Watch and cannot afford this high amount, you can buy Apple Watch 3 for only $199. The most interesting is that you can yet enjoy most of the features that others can find in the Apple Watch Series 6. We have received many positive feedbacks from the users about Apple smartwatches, whether they are of any kind.

Design of Apple Watch Series 6

Wearing smartwatches is all about fashion and design. So, users always like those designs which are fancier and more attractive. The design of the Apple Smartwatch 6 is no doubt unique and luxurious. The best option in choosing your favorite design is its colors, from which you can select any shiny or blur color which matches your personality.

In addition, to match your choice, Apple produces it in different sizes for different sizes of wrists. You can buy it in 44mm and 40mm for more extensive and smaller wrists.

The Watch looks fancier with its rounded edges merging into the screen. You can see a digital crown that spins through the interface and a power button below with a finger flick.

During swimming, you can also record your swimming duration and depth. Furthermore, the Apple Watch is waterproof. Even it is safe in the depth of 50m for 10 minutes. No other watch can survive that much time in that amount of depth in water, even less than that.

However the Apple Watch 6 is available in many colors, but as we reviewed the red color, it would be better if you knew some benefits of it. The gold, silver, graphite, blue, and grey colors are also nice looking and impressive.


The excellent feature of the display of the Apple Watch Series 6 is its automatic sensor that changes the brightness of the Watch according to the light condition. Even the sensor allows you to sleep peacefully by dimming the display light during your sleeping hours. Apple uses OLED technology in its watch display that enables you to see digits and other results in extremely dark places. It is a better improvement than older versions because while using older versions of Apple watches, you have to raise your hand and bring it closer to your eye-sight to get exact results.

Blood Oxygen Monitor and Fitness

The Apple Watch Series 6 is an innovation of Apple to introduce features that help to improve your health and fitness level. Though there are many fitness features, Blood Oxygen Monitor is something new and exciting that you might know about. The sensor detects oxygen and shows you the oxygen percentage. So, if you are above 95%, you are in good health and fitness position. This is an exciting feature but not recommended for medical purposes, so you cannot trust it completely.

In addition, there is more new option for fitness to keep your daily exercise record. The Watch will also keep you alarmed about your workout routine. Also, it has some extra features of informing you about how many calories you consumed during running and other exercises.

Battery life of Apple Watch Series 6

One would want to choose those with extended battery life for using intelligent technologies, particularly Apple products. The battery of the Apple Watch Series 6 lasts for 24 hours after rough use. This duration is not acceptable for any user, but the goodness is that you can charge it very fast. However, every year we hope for the best that Apple should improve the battery life of its products. However, the 24-hours battery life is good but not as compared to Samsung Watch 4 as that lasts for 2 or 3 days.

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