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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review



Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Now, buy a watch with excellent and outstanding features. The Samsung Galaxy watch 4 is not only for showing you the exact time automatically synchronized with world standard time wherever you are, but it also offers you all the facilities that a smartwatch should have. The fantastic design of the Watch, smart software and inserted health sensor make it more favorable for those who love to wear smartwatches. With the Samsung watch, you can be benefited twice simultaneously: the benefit of wearing a wristwatch and smartwatch.

The Watch has excellent OS and a slim structure, allowing you to enhance the level of your fashion and comfort. Its fitness features help you to keep your health sound and smooth. However, with numerous features, some lacking may annoy you. Its battery timing is not long-lasting, so you have to keep its charger with you for non-stop use. Excellent performance and interesting new software make it more fascinating for its users. Especially its lightweight structure and instant connectivity with Samsung smartphones are its top features.

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General overview

Users of smartwatches have been appreciating and admiring Samsung Galaxy watch 4 since its launching date in September 2021. It is a sequel to interesting and top-class Samsung smartwatches. It is not a normal watch you usually wear, but the Samsung operating system is introduced in it with special functions that are more advanced than the previous models. However, all the prior models have extraordinary features, but the smartwatch 4 is different, having updated and upgraded facilities of workout tracking system that other contemporaries of it do not have.

However, according to some users, its compatibility rate is not good compared to prior Samsung smartwatches, as they were considered the best option for compatibility with non-Samsung phones. For example, if you have an iPhone, you cannot connect it with this Watch, but you can easily connect any other android phone with this Watch though some features will not be working, i.e., blood pressure and ECG measurement. However, you can be benefited from all the features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 if you own any Samsung phone.

Besides the compatibility, there are more features that you might like. Some parts from the previous model, the Samsung watch 2, are returned to the new model, i.e., a virtual rotating bezel that is in conjunction with two buttons right side of the Watch, allowing you for easy navigation around the smartwatch menu. However, there is no physical rotating bezel as it was in Samsung galaxy Watch 3, but the virtual bezel is the best alternative.

The fitness features, however, are not different from that of the previous models. Still, the new body tool is here for you to let you know roughly about the fat percentage in your body that is monitored by an updated GPS tool.

The smartwatch battery, though, is not a big problem, but we have found that the battery performance of the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 4 may not satisfy you as it will not last for a longer duration. You can use it for two days with intensive functions and can use it for 3 days if you do not prefer using high functions like GPS.

You must know that we are not urging you to buy a specific watch or mobile phone. We are not advertising any company or brand. Our reviews aim to bring some facts in front of you, so you can then discriminate among the options and make your own choice. Furthermore, all our reviews are based on the practical use of the product. After a complete analysis of the developments, i.e., smartphones, smartwatches, refrigerators, shoes, and LCDs, we write our reviews to let users know about the products’ aspects.

The Samsung Galaxy watch 4 is a better option in smartwatches, but it is the best option for you if you own a Galaxy Samsung phone. However, the Watch is still useful if you have another android phone, not Samsung, but you may not be able to unlock all the features that are available on the Watch.

After reading the general overview of the Samsung smartwatch, you might be interested in knowing more about this smart project.

Price and release date of Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 4

The Samsung smartwatch 4 was available for sale on September 10, 2021. Since its launching date, it has dragged many users due to its fascinating design and matchless features. Besides all these, the main reason for its popularity is its affordable price. The starting price of the Watch starts from $249.99. But, if you want to buy a better version, the price may rise to $359.99.

Furthermore, there are two sizes in the first option. One of 40mm costs you $249.99, and another LTE version will cost you $299.99. in addition, if you want to buy a larger model of 44mm, you will have to pay $279.99. however, for the 4G variant, Samsung watch 4, you have to pay $329.99.

We discussed above that the Watch had a virtual rotating bezel, but if you go for a watch with a physical rotating bezel, you should buy Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. The price of the Watch 4 Classic is, for the Bluetooth model 42mm, $349, and for the LTE model, the price is $399. In addition, the 46mm Bluetooth model price is $379, and the cost of the Samsung Watch 4 Classic LTE model is $429.

You may think that the price is too high for just a watch, but it is not just a watch. You can say it’s a mini smartphone with countless amenities.

Design and display

The Samsung Watch 4 makes it different and special from other Samsung watches. The Watch comes in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm. Also, it is available in many colors. You can choose a color of your own choice as black, green, or silver. The Watch’s design is similar to Watch 2 and different from Watch 4 Classic as it has a virtual rotating bezel, and the latter has a physical rotating bezel.

The Watch is slim and lightweight, and comfortable to wear on your wrist. The Watch is smaller, with two buttons on the right-side edge that control the menu of the Watch. Both models, 44mm and 40mm, are made of aluminum. However, the dimensions of the 44mm model are 44.4×43.3×9.8mm, and its weight is 30.3g. The weight of the 40mm model is 25.9g, and its dimensions are 40.4×39.3×9.8mm. Both models are comfortable and nice to wear.

The display of both models is bright and easy to read. The resolution of the 40mm model is 396×396, and the solution of the 44mm model is 450×450. However, both models are quite impressive.

Performance of Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 4

After spending more than $300 on a watch, you will purposely want a watch with high and accurate performance. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a storage of 16GB with 1.5GB RAM and an Exynos W920 chipset with additional OS 3.0 software. Using the Watch, you can access Play Store and many other essential apps.

The speed does not matter as it is not a smartphone, but you can use many apps simultaneously while the GPS is running. Both models have 16GB of storage. But the primary 8GB is already in use of preloaded apps and OS. However, you can use the remaining 8GB for your apps, music, etc.

Fitness apps

The smartwatch has countless features that can make you fall in love with it. The most notable is its body composition tools that keep you updated about the fat percentage in your body. The new BioActive sensor is all about fitness features. You can say that the Watch is host to all the functions essential for keeping your body fit and healthy, as the Watch will keep sending you notifications about workout timing and running counts. The advanced tools in the Watch monitor your heartbeat rate, blood oxygen level, and body temperature. However, we are not sure whether this information about your body is correct. But, the running meter shows a detailed record. In addition, all the records wroth to believe in if you use it with Samsung’s apps. But some fitness features are not working if you connect it with phones other than Samsung.

Battery life of Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 4

All the features are very interesting and notable except the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. You can use the 247mAh and 361mAh batteries for two days after rough use of two days. In the price of the Watch, you can also have a charging pad included in the box. The model 44mm has a battery of 361mAh. We found it lasted for two days from a single charge with intensive use of many apps during our test.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about its charging as you can also find a charging pad in the box. Usually, other watch companies do not provide it. Even Samsung has dropped the charger from the boxing and sells only smartphones without a charger.

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