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10 Business Ideas with Small Investments



Business Ideas with Small Investments

We believe that earning less from your own business is 1000x better than a fixed salary. Why? Over time, your business will grow, and so will your income. Soon, your business income will be more than your salary. Another thing is that you are your own boss. You can come and go as you please. Pakistan offers countless opportunities for setting up a business.

No, you do not need millions to start your business. You can set up a business with a few thousand. All you need is a detailed business plan and dedication. Today’s article will list the top 10 business ideas that you can start with small investments. Without further ado, let us begin.

We have summarized our business ideas in the below table.

Business Idea Growth Required Investment Difficulty to Risk Level Land/Place Required Required Knowledge How to Acquire the Required Knowledge
Digital Marketing High 1 Lac Low No Must-Have Knowledge About Digital Marketing Through Online Courses
Real Estate High 2-10 lac Low No Must-Have Knowledge About Illegal and Legal Housing Authorities Information Can be Obtained from Relevant Authorities, e.g. Capital Development Authority & Rawalpindi Development Authority
Coffee Shop Medium 2-3 lac Medium Yes Knowledge About Coffee Making and Customer Service Can be Learned Online and Through Continuous Customer Interaction
Snack Bar High 1-2 lac Low Yes Knowledge About Snacks and Customer Service Learn from YouTube Cooking Channels
Dairy Farm High 6-10 lac High Yes Knowledge About Animals and Dairy Business Learn from People Already in this Business
Beauty Salon Medium 1-2 lac Low Yes Knowledge About Skincare & Hair Treatment Professional Courses
Blog Low 5-15 Thousand Low No Good English & Writing Skills Will Be Acquired Over Time
YouTube Channel High 50-80 Thousand Low No Strong Video Making & Editing Skills Learn the Art from Other YouTube Channels
Tutoring Medium 50-80 Thousand Low No Strong Grip Over the Subject Keep Reading the Course & Other Relevant Books
Insurance Plan High It depends on the Plan Low No No Knowledge Required. Talk to the Customer Service Representative to Clear Any Queries N.A.


Start Your Business Today

The ideas include:

1. Digital Marketing

Every business requires digital marketing nowadays. If your business does not have an online presence, we have bad news. Several studies conclude that the lack of online presence hurts a business’s credibility. The reason is that whenever we hear about a new brand, we go online to find out more about it. If prospective customers see nothing online, they might consider the brand fraudulent.

You do not need to rent a commercial place to set up your digital marketing business. One can set up a remote team and work remotely. After all, you will be providing all services online. Hence, there is no point in setting up an office at the start. Once your business is well-established, you may opt for an office. When it comes to digital marketing, several services can be offered, including:

Search Engine Optimisation

It is how a website’s ranking improves on the search engine.

Social Media Marketing

It includes managing social media accounts and optimizing advertisements.

Content Writing

An online business cannot survive without a dedicated content writer. A digital marketing business must offer content writing services.

Website Development

A business must have a website apart from social media presence. You can offer website development and upgradation to clients as a part of your digital marketing business.

There are countless other services in a digital marketing business, including logo designing and company branding. When it comes to growth, the sky is the limit. You can target clients in any corner of the world, meaning that there are plenty of growth opportunities. One must have prior knowledge in digital marketing before starting this business and a good computer.

2. Real Estate Investment

The next business idea is to invest in real estate. You might be thinking that such a business venture requires multi-millions, right? Well, you are mistaken. Countless housing societies take a small down payment and allow the buyer to pay the rest in installments. So, even though you might pay multi-millions, the installments make the amount manageable.

However, please ensure that the venture is legal when investing in any real estate project. Many people have lost their life savings after investing in illegal societies or other property frauds. Whenever you plan to invest in real estate, check that the piece of land has the required legal documents.

3. Coffee Shop

You might not believe it, but coffee is a popular beverage in Pakistan. It is why you might see many popular coffee chains opening around in your area. We recommend opening a dedicated coffee shop in an urban setting. It means that you must rent a commercial place, make a signboard, and employ people who are experts in coffee making. It would be best if you offered instant and brewed coffee along with suitable snacks.

4. Snack Bar

Everyone loves a quick bite. There are times when we crave quality shawarma, bun kebab, fries, milkshake, gol gappay or anything similar. One can easily rent a small commercial space to set up a snack bar. If you wish to keep the initial investment costs low, you can learn how to make the snacks yourself. It will remove the need to hire dedicated cooks.

5. Dairy Farm

Before you opt for this venture, we must warn you that dairy farming is not easy as it sounds. You must know the various types of cow and goat breeds. You must understand which breed is the most ideal for your area and how to take care of them. For example, an Australian cow cannot survive in the Pakistani summers without adequate measures. Likewise, they cannot produce quality milk on a substandard diet usually given to Pakistani cows.

If you do not have land to set up the farm, you also need to find a suitable area to buy or lease. Then comes the food source. How do you plan to obtain food for your animals? Remember, quality animals consume a lot of food which can quickly increase the investment cost. There are numerous other things to consider, including veterinary and breeding costs.

Initially, we recommend starting with a maximum of 10 animals. Once the business starts to grow, you can bring in more animals. You can supply the milk to businesses to ensure a steady income stream. Some individuals sell cheese and sweet dishes from their dairy farms.

6. Beauty Salon

Enrol yourself in a beauty salon course before investing in this business idea. If you do not know about a business, you will face challenges in managing it. Once you complete your course, start seeing clients. You will have to rely on referrals from friends and family initially. After establishing a good reputation, you can rent a place and establish a professional salon. At this time, you can even hire additional people to help you out with the work. It would be best to ensure that the new hires are well-trained and professional. The last thing you want is your employee mistreating a customer.

7. Set Up a Writing Blog

If you are good at writing, set up a blog. It is one of the easiest things to do. You need to buy a domain name and domain hosting service. After doing this, use a free WordPress theme to create your blog. Your website may be approved for Google AdSense if you publish quality content regularly. It will help you earn money.

8. YouTube Channel

If you are not good at writing, you can set up a blog on YouTube, i.e. create a YouTube channel. You can select the niche depending on your strengths. For example, set up a cooking channel if you are a cooking enthusiast. Suppose you like to review T.V. shows, and set up a channel accordingly. Buy a good camera or smartphone and laptop for video making and editing.

9. Tutoring

If you are an expert in any particular subject, you should start offering tutoring/coaching classes. You might not know it, but teachers who are specialists in A-level subjects earn a handsome amount of money from their private tutoring. Once you build a good reputation, set up a private academy by renting a commercial place or inside your home. All you need is a good whiteboard, teaching notes, and chairs for the students.

10. Invest in an Insurance Plan

If you are worried about losing your money, we recommend investing your money in an insurance plan. For example, you can set up a life insurance plan or child education plan. Multiple insurance companies operate in Pakistan, including State Life Insurance and Jubilee Insurance. Although the plans are long-term, you will earn a good return. The investment amount depends on the selected plan.


It concludes our article on the top 10 business ideas that require small investments. In our opinion, the best ideas are real estate, digital marketing, and dairy farming. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the content, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank You.

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