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Top 7 Startups Incubation Centers in Islamabad




In Pakistan, entrepreneurship attitudes have shifted dramatically in recent years, partly due to the growth of startups in the country and increased internet access. Due to a lack of interest in supporting disruptive businesses and entre, entrepreneurs in Pakistan found it difficult to access business training and funders just a few years ago.

However, the scene has shifted, and company entrepreneurs now have an option when choosing which incubator to approach. The following is a list of the best incubation centers across Pakistan.

LUMS Entrepreneurship Center

The LUMS Center for Entrepreneurs is a technology incubator affiliated with Lahore Institution of Management Sciences, Pakistan’s most successful private-sector university.

The incubator, which is in Lahore, offers a four-month program that includes free workspaces and counseling. It requires a tiny financial stake in each firm approved into the program, presumably to offset the monthly allowances it provides to each venture.


NUST TIC is another incubation facility that nurtures electronics company ideas. It is located in Islamabad. It has created 11 successful firms and now houses 25 incubates. They also serve as a bridge between academia and industry, allowing students to monetize their findings and last year’s projects. For further and updated information visiting their website would be beneficial.

Microsoft Center

This center’s programs are conducted in Lahore & Karachi and develop technological skills. It provides approved entrepreneurs with a variety of complimentary Microsoft software tools, as well as connections to experts and coaches.


Basecamps run on an invite-only co-working space in the border city of Peshawar. Other events are planned, including TEDx Peshawar, to encourage entrepreneurship via community-led activities.

Incubation Centre for Technology

The NUST in Islamabad established the Technology Incubation Center. Because of the incubator’s affiliation with the university, most firms are focused on technology, engineering, hardware, and heavy data-related work. It also provides free office space and coaching for a tiny financial stake.

Plan9 – Pitb’s Tech Incubator

Pakistan’s premier incubation facility for IT-based companies. Its formal headquarters are in Lahore. Plan9 accepts businesses throughout the country and gives them accessible, fully furnished offices, regular payment, coaching possibilities, office supplies, and much more. So far, they have created 66 businesses and are actively funding 15 firms.


Nspire is a very new incubation center. Netsol, a prominent Pakistani IT services firm, founded the private tech incubator. Applications for its initial group of companies are currently being welcomed.

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