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The requirements of people are growing along with time. Today, a large number of builders and developers are constructing smart cities for their citizens.

People today demand sheltered lives and convenient accessibility, which is why it is happening. After all, the majority of people in this generation are employed.

Smart cities like Singapore, New York City, and Dubai have made significant progress in their creative city programs and the adoption of smart technology to improve energy efficiency and lower the carbon emissions of their residential societies.

So, here is the list of the world top smart cities:

  • New York City
  • Dubai
  • Singapore
  • London
  • Barcelona
  • Oslo
  • Toronto
  • Tokyo
  • Seoul

New York City

In 2020, as part of the city’s creative city pilot initiative, dozens of smart technologies have been tested and implemented throughout New York City’s many districts.

The initiative gathers information to make services like waste management and collection more effectively implemented.

Aside from that, pay phones in New York have been replaced by intelligent centers equipped with biometric technology, remote control, Wi-Fi access, and online charging ports.

In New York, vehicle sharing programs are getting more and more popular, which reduces traffic and carbon gas emissions.

New York City held its annual contest with a significant cash prize for applications that effectively utilize the city’s open huge datasets to promote more local ideas and creativity.


According to the Dubai 2021 plan, all public services will be digitalized, which comprises more than 90 initiatives in the areas of infrastructure, transportation, power, critical services, telecommunications, and urban planning decisions.

You can now access governmental functions remotely because about 90 of them are now digitally accessible through the app.

One area where one may apply for an admission permit and family sponsorships is residency operations. Traffic accidents have considerably decreased thanks to a bus driver monitoring system.

Residents can pay fines and report offenses at one of the county’s three different police stations without speaking to a police officer.

The construction of the fourth floating island in Dubai, named “the world,” a man-made archipelago, has recently been announced by Dubai. The work is getting done and will soon be finished.

Dubai plans several high-tech initiatives that will utilize cutting-edge technologies.

The emirate created a 6,890-square-foot concrete building using a 3D printer as an example of how it plans to create future structures.


Singapore has been at the top of the list of most innovative cities for decades. Since launching its Smart Nation strategy in 2014, Singapore has used a wide range of intelligent technology in federal and state government sectors.

For the benefit of Singapore’s public transportation passengers, electronic payment methods are being used more commonly to successfully guide movements and collect payments.

To reduce the pressures caused by an aging population, a digital health care system was created that normalized video consultations and wearable Internet sensor devices for patient monitoring.

Singapore also revealed plans to construct a new eco-smart, car-free city in 2022. Tengah, in western Singapore, will see the construction of a planned forest city.

This society will be free of traffic-related emissions and will offer a very safe environment for walkers and bikers.


The Office of Technology in London is working to make London a smart city. They are working on numerous projects to support technology and innovation at all levels.

They achieve this, in part, through the Tech. London collaboration, which supports startups and entrepreneurs.

They also have a Smart London Board that provides updates and suggestions on how the city might become even smarter regularly.

To accomplish these objectives, London has a Smart Metropolis Plan that includes plans for integrating technology in a city that is expected to grow to a population of 10 million within the next ten to fifteen years.

In the meantime, London is focusing on important issues like healthcare, transportation, and energy management.


With so many initiatives ongoing, Barcelona regularly appears on rankings of the best smart cities. The availability of free WI-FI across the entire city is one of the major projects the city has been working on.

Currently, free Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere in the city. To keep citizens informed and involved in what is happening, local government agencies have cooperated to develop several applications. To save money on energy and improve road safety, Barcelona also makes effective use of Internet of Things technology, such as smart sensors.

With all of this, it comes to mind as no surprise that Barcelona is the location of some of the most exciting tech events in the world.


Oslo stands out among smart cities for putting a strong emphasis on building a sustainable, environmentally friendly environment.

Oslo counts as both a smart city and a sustainable city, considering the differences between the two. In this city, there are more than 650,000 LED lights that are all connected to processing centers.

These lights can smartly change the quantity of brightness depending on the situation. Not only that, though.

Oslo has also developed a data-driven way to decrease traffic jams using smart license plate detectors.

Within the next several years, the city also intends to completely redesign its transportation system.


Toronto is currently working on some incredible smart city ideas. Google is currently using the Canadian city as a type of real-life testing lab for some of its most cutting-edge smart city technologies through its parent company Alphabet, which operates Sidewalk Labs.

Their goal is to create a tech-focused city on a waterfront starting from nothing. More than 800 acres of this area will be used to tackle issues including climate change, efficiency, urban sprawl, and accessibility.

The details of this project are still being worked out, and city people are welcome to get involved.


Tokyo is focusing a lot of its smart city policy on becoming energy-savvy, similar to Oslo. The city is aiming to introduce technologies that will help the city become eco-friendly and more efficient.

That includes utilizing electric cars and local energy storage. Being one of the biggest cities in the world, the city faces several challenges.

Tokyo is putting a lot of work into preparing for the 2020 Summer Olympics, which will be held in the city.

As Tokyo gets ready to host the sports event on the global stage, pay close attention to how it integrates technology.

Home to Songdo, the first smart city in the world, is located in Seoul. Since Seoul’s smart technology efforts were originally introduced in 2014, they have become stronger.

In Seoul’s smart city initiatives, data is central. A strong basis for smart infrastructure and services is created by collecting and analysis of urban patterns like traffic flow, speed, and air quality as recorded by sensors and CCTV installed throughout the city.

A safety initiative for elderly people who live alone was started to help the city’s aging population by focusing technology on this issue.

Relevant case workers and emergency services would be alerted right away if there isn’t any movement observed for a certain amount of time or if environmental sensors identify unusual temperature, lightning, or humidity.

Seoul is also considering using the data platform to build an AI detective to identify potential criminal patterns.

The Korean capital is now one of the first cities to use 5G technology for mobility and transportation, due to the 5G network.



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