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Top 5 Tech News Sites in Pakistan in 2022




It exudes technical brilliance. Technology has transformed and altered modern life. Every day, a new technological product is introduced to the market. As a result, staying current is essential to making the most of technology. Up-to-date knowledge can help you stay ahead of the rapidly changing world. Every element of our life has been infiltrated by technology.

Everything is now fueled by technology, from phones to technologically updated automobiles. Technology has dramatically transformed how we socialize, make friends, share stories, and work. Every day, a slew of new and exciting technology devices hit the market. It’s challenging to keep up with advancements in technology since it evolves at such a quick speed.

This site is different from other sites due to its wide coverage of technological news of updates. Future technological developments are closely researched and spread as news on this website.

It keeps its customers up to date on the newest technology, security equipment, video series, science research, and entertainment-related stuff. Because of the significant information obtained, this section of the website is a wonderland for web programmers and designers.


Gadget enthusiasts just cannot resist visiting this website because it provides every information related to smart world gadgets. Also, this website provides the greatest device advice.  It covers the most recent news related to iOS, windows, and android systems. This site is the best destination for gadget enthusiasts.

All the latest gadget releases, such as Smartphones, Cameras, smart watches, iPhones, and so on, are covered here. Furthermore, product reviews enable an individual to select the best product based on his needs. The latest software releases and their functions vastly improve technical understanding. All of this thoroughly satisfies gadget fanatics seeking up-to-date technological knowledge.


This website has been renowned for delivering technology-related blogs and information since the year 2008. Though they share many technical changes on a regular basis, their major focus is on providing unique blogs on improvements in devices, mobile applications, and Internet Services.

In their new revolutionary effort “Digital Pakistan,” in this, they provide creative and innovative methods to stay in touch with the world in the twenty-first century. They usually post their blogs and technologically related material on their own website, but you can stay connected with them through their social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google.


This website focuses on gadgets and provides product-related reviews and insights. It does, however, cover a lot of technology news.  When searching to buy a smart product or new tech gadgets, the ‘Reviews’ section gives extensive product feedback. To assist you with your tech purchasing selections, the ‘Buyer’s Guide section is logically organized into several categories of purchases.

Technology times

Technology Times is a Pakistani website that shares tech blogs and articles for both Pakistanis and foreigners, which means it provides its news in English and Urdu so everyone can read them.

The coolest part is that they are launching a newspaper that will solely cover technology-related topics which is awesome. Technology Times Pakistan is their main site. So, if you want to stay up to date on technical breakthroughs in Pakistan and throughout the world, then this site is a wonderland for you.

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