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Top 10 Real Estate Websites in Pakistan



Real Estate Websites in Pakistan

What is the easiest and most convenient way for all the clients to buy and sell property in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the Real Estate concept of selling and buying property is changed.

According to a study, 51% of buyers purchase their properties through the internet, and 7% purchase from different yard signs or billboard advertisements.

If we talk about the past, 10 to 12 years ago, it was not easy to buy and sell a property. People used to invest a lot of time and energy in their real estate businesses.

However, thanks to developments in the real estate industry, buyers and sellers can now deal with Pakistan’s real estate market more easily thanks to real estate websites.

Due to this, effort and time are saved for both buyers and sellers.

The list of top 10 Real Estate Websites in Pakistan is as below:

  1. Ilaan
  2. Lamudi
  3. Jageerdar
  4. Realproperty
  5. Redbox estate
  6. Zameen
  7. Eproperty
  8. Ammanat
  9. Graana
  10. Pakistanrealestate

1. Ilaan

It is the top best property website where you can buy or sell is Pakistan’s most famous property portal, website, and finder which focused on improving all the visual properties.

And it helps its users by their experience and makes better decisions for them on their capital investment in the real estate market in Pakistan.

Additionally, it offers top customer support. This website is worth an estimated $22714.

According to the average monthly traffic that experiences, 0.5 million people in the world would come to visit your property online.

Customers can simply access this website on their smartphones thanks to Ilaan’s mobile app.

2. Lamudi

Lamudi is a real estate website that tried to bring Pakistani real estate to a higher standard of excellence.

The internet has transformed virtually every industry, and real estate should be no different.

As a result, it directly links tenants and landlords, as well as buyers and sellers, to simplify the entire property process.

It provides you with a wide range of solutions to meet your needs for purchasing or selling real estate.

Imagine having access to Pakistan’s real estate market right at your fingertips, is providing you with that.

Working to deliver a quality property experience most practically is Lamudi’s highly qualified team.

Lamudi receives monthly payments from various brokers to be included in the listings of this website.

This website is ranked 181392 on the entire internet. About 270.6K people have visited Lamudi in total, with each visit lasting an average of 2 minutes and 6 seconds.

3. Jageerdar

Pakistan’s first advanced real estate portal is called The site offers a platform that enables buyers and sellers of real estate to find properties that they are interested in.

It can find information about the properties transparent, understandable, and unambiguous.

On this website, users can post their properties so potential buyers can get in touch with them immediately. is not only an e-commerce website but it is a property search site where its user can list their properties on the website for selling.

The most recent three-month global Alexa ranking is 5,120,493.

4. RealProperty

RealProperty, a luxury real estate company founded in 2012, focuses on the selling and renting of properties in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi, with a special emphasis on residential and commercial areas. RealProperty is known for its professional know-how, first-rate customer service, and property consultations from the senior most expert in a specific area.

It is a modern, dynamic organization that combines technical expertise, local and global real estate market knowledge, and a commitment to putting the needs of its clients first.

In addition, RealProperty offers its high-net-worth clients and investors to look through all of the available luxury and low-cost rental homes in Pakistan.

They provide a portfolio of exclusive residential property, commercial real estate, and investment properties for sale and rental.

5. Redbox Estate

Redbox is a real estate service that offers its users a variety of property options. Redbox is working on my projects including an e-magazine.

By assuring the security of investments, they offer their consumers high-quality services.

Red Box has the opportunity to join the worldwide property expo’s media partner in January 2019. As property developers, they also worked together with Turkey and the UAE.

6. Zameen

A secure and user-friendly environment is provided by Zameen, it is a property portal that links buyers and sellers as well as tenants and landlords.

It offers the top real estate consulting services worldwide and in Pakistan. Customers visit this website more frequently because of its efficient responses and services.

The estimated value of the website is $10,330,320. With no active threats, it earns about 954 dollars per day and receives roughly 119,224 daily visitors and 9, 53,792 daily page views.

This real estate portal is ranked 19,841 globally and 68 nationally. A typical visit lasts roughly 6 minutes, and 50 seconds.

7. EProperty

Eproperty is a website that offers users the chance to make investments by buying, selling, or renting out property. It also includes investment consultation and design plans accordingly.

It benefits people by identifying their needs and providing services. Without outside assistance, it links buyers and sellers.

Customers rely on this website for their rental properties and commercial investments due to its dependability and user responsiveness.

This website is estimated to be worth $23,385. Estimated daily visits are 4904, and daily page views are 24,390. For the previous three months, the global rank was 266,250.

8. Amaanat

You can invest in the healthcare and education sectors through the sustainable investing portal called

It captures market opportunities, develops long-term investment strategies, and makes deals with its stakeholders.

You can get a better understanding of market trends and potential long-term investment opportunities through

9. Graana

In Pakistan, Grana is the real estate website with the fastest growth. With secure money management, it has made it possible for its customers to purchase, sell, or rent a property from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, it features a mobile app that lets users access all of its services with a single click.

Users of mobile apps can connect from anywhere by using a single, one-time login rather than repeatedly creating accounts.

A variety of features are available on the mobile app, including live tours, videos, and images of a property.

12,901 visitors visit this website and an estimated 64,413 page views each day. The previous three months’ overall global ranking of Grana is 70989.

10. Pakistanrealestate

Adil Real Estate (which has been in business since 1982), and MediaLinkers Web Solutions collaborated to create PakistanRealEstate.Net (Since 2002).

When looking for property in Pakistan, Customers require a platform where they can easily and quickly access the property.

Pakistan Real Estate can assist you whether you need to sell your property, find a place to live immediately or invest in real estate to get a high rate of return.

Additionally, you can register yourself as an agent on its website if you’re a real estate investor and want people to be able to locate you online.

It provides you with the most popular real estate online service in Pakistan, allowing you to save costs and time without sacrificing the quality of service.

Customers can buy, sell, or rent a property using the greatest services available on the websites for real estate which are listed above. You can get in touch with one of these websites mentioned above for an honest and secure investment process.



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