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Signs that you need a New Exhaust System



Signs that you need a New Exhaust System

Exhaust System

Did you ever experience some unusual noise coming from the car when driving? Yes? Then most probably there is a problem with your exhaust system. Unfortunately, even a minor problem with your car exhaust system can worsen the performance or increase the level of fuel consumption. In today’s blog post, we will discuss the top 6 signs that indicate that your car needs a new exhaust system. However, before enlisting the problems, firstly let us discuss its role to get a better understanding of the exhaust system.

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Role Of Car Exhaust System?

The exhaust system is the component of the car that performs numerous roles. One of its primary roles is to release the burned air-fuel mixture from the engine. Afterward, these emissions will be cleaned to release fewer harmful substances into the atmosphere. Another function of the car exhaust system is to reduce the noise level. Those who own cars with customized exhaust systems may have noticed that they emit excessive noise. Therefore, based on the design, an exhaust system may either amplify or reduce noise.

6 Signs That You Need A New Exhaust System

The warning signs include:

1.   Burning Smell

If you noticed any burning smell from the engine competent, then it might be a sign of the exhaust failure. That odor is simply too strong to ignore. In some situations, you might see smoke coming from the engine. If it happens, park your car immediately in a safe place and turn it off. Then, exit from your vehicle and call the car recovery service right away.

2.   Face Problems When Accelerate

If you are experiencing that your vehicle is not accelerating as usual as before, it is also an indicator of a faulty car exhaust system.

3.   Problems With Performance

Somehow, if you couldn’t detect the problem with the acceleration, you should not ignore the drop in the performance. Your car will not produce the same level of power as before even if you put full force on the pedal with your foot. In the end, the performance dip will get worsen if you fail to repair your exhaust system.

4.   Car Noise

Another sign of a problem with the car exhaust system is noise. Your vehicle will start producing unpleasant noises, which sometimes become unbearable for you to hear. In this case, the exhaust works as a silencer and reduced the noise level. Even slight damage to exhaust can decrease the capability to reduce the noise reduction.

5.   Increase Fuel Consumption

If your car is facing exhaust related problem, unfortunately, it will start consuming fuel. The common reason is due to exertion of more energy to provide you with good performance and quick acceleration.

6.    Gas Smell

Exhausts allow gasoline to escape safely. If the exhaust is not working properly, you will smell intense gasoline fumes. These fumes are hazardous to your health.

Wrap Up

This concludes our article. If there is any question in your mind, don’t hesitate and please feel free to contact us. Lastly, you can also schedule an appointment through DJN Auto Care for your car exhaust system service. Why DJN AUTO CARE? We provide top-notch services with our experienced workers using the latest tools and technologies.


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