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Mall of Gujar Khan



Mall of Gujar Khan

As the name shows, the Mall of Gujar Khan (MoGK) is Gujar Khan’s first state-of-the-art mall. It covers an area of more than 150,000 square feet. While it may not match the size of the country’s other renowned malls, such as Emporium or Lucky One, the quality and ambiance are just as perfect. Upon entering the Mall, you will forget all about the city’s heavy traffic and pollution. It feels as if the Mall is a separate city within Gujar Khan. The developers are the renowned Royal Business Solutions (RBS). Do not let the word ‘mall’ misguide you as there are also luxury apartments within the Mall.

Mall of Gujar Khan Location

It is located on Main GT Road, and there is no chance you can miss it when visiting Gujar Khan. Gujar Khan is a Tehsil within the Rawalpindi District. It just so happens that it is Pakistan’s largest Tehsil in terms of area. It is approximately 57 kilometers from Islamabad. If you plan to visit Gujar Khan, you will need to take the GT Road route. Due to poor road conditions and heavy traffic, we recommend planning your trip accordingly. The city is famous for many things, besides the Mall.

The first recipient of Pakistan’s highest military award, Nishan-e-Haider, Raja Muhammad Sarwar, was from Gujar Khan. The former Prime Minister, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, also belongs to this city. Other than this, the notable cricketer, Muhammad Amir, is from Gujar Khan. Anyways, enough about Gujar Khan.

Mall of Gujar Khan Map

The below pictures depict the layout map for the Mall.

As you can see, the Lower Ground or Basement is a dedicated parking space. The driveways are spacious, allowing for a quick entry and exit.

Notable Features

The Mall offers numerous features:

3 Separate Entrances for the Residential Apartments

It is one of the best things about the Mall. If you ever visited Centaurus in Islamabad, you might have noticed that even the residents get stuck in the long parking queues. Although there is a separate entrance and parking for them, it is too close to the visitor entrance. Thus, despite owning a multi-crore apartment, residents must wait a while in the traffic. Thankfully, the MoGK realized this problem and is offering three separate entrances for the residents.

Separate Parking Space for Residents

In addition to the three separate apartments, the Mall offers a dedicated parking space for the residents.

Earthquake Resistant

Unfortunately, earthquakes are a common occurrence in Pakistan and globally. While we cannot prevent them or even predict them, the only thing we can do is create earthquake-resistant buildings. The MoGK’s structure is earthquake resistance, meaning that you do not have to worry about anything.

Fire-fighting Systems

Throughout Pakistan, there are numerous cases where a commercial building did not have emergency exits or fire-fighting systems installed on the premises. The result is a great tragedy. The MoGK is an exception as it has emergency exits and a state-of-the-art modern fire-fighting system installed throughout the building. Another notable feature is that the construction material used in the Mall is fire-resistant.

Backup Electricity for Elevators and Corridors

Do not worry about getting stuck in the elevator or walking across dark corridors, as the MoGK has a backup electricity system.

Dedicated Kids Play Area

The kids are the future of this country. We must provide them with an environment that grooms their personality. One of the things that are critical for personality development is sports. While the governments neglect sports, the MoGK has set up a dedicated kids’ play area.

24/7 Security

There is no need to concern yourself with security, as the Mall has 24/7 security.

Free Wi-Fi

The Mall offers free Wi-Fi. One would think that the speed would be too low to allow for an excellent online experience, but that is not the case. The speeds are blazingly fast.

Mall of Gujar Khan Pricing Plan

The below table shows the pricing plan for the MoGK.

Floor Per Square FT.
Ground Floor Rs. 55,000
Mezzanine Rs. 30,000
1st Floor Rs. 25,000
2nd Floor Rs. 20,000
Food Court Rs. 25,000

You can get a 5% discount for 50% down payment and 10% for 100% payment. Royal Business Solutions is charging 10% for corner shops like all other developers.

Mall of Gujar Khan NOC

The MoGK is not a housing society. It means that the housing society laws do not apply to it. But it does require other approvals. Any building must have its layout plan approved, and a NOC issued. The same is the case with MoGK. Our information tells us that the Mall has gotten the necessary approvals from the Gujar Khan Tehsil Municipal Authority.

Should You Invest in the Mall of Gujar Khan?

We at AuraBizz Properties believe that the MOGK is a worthwhile investment. The developers allow you to buy an apartment or shop at easy installments. Therefore, you should definitely take up this opportunity. The project offers a good return on investment. Even if you do not plan to live in the apartment or run the shop yourself, you can always rent it out or sell it for a profit.

Mall of Gujar Khan FAQs

1.    Where is the MoGK Located?

The Mall is located on the Main GT Road, Gujar Khan.

2.    Do the Developers Allow Payments on Instalments?

Yes, the developers allow you to complete the purchase in easy installments.

3.    Do the Developers Have the Necessary Approvals?

Yes, the developers have obtained the necessary approvals. The MoGK is 100% legit.

4.    Who are the Developers?

The developers are the Royal Business Solutions (RBS), and they have other renowned projects to their name.

5.    Will I Get a Good Return on Investment?

Although every investment has its risks, we believe that the MoGK offers an excellent return on investment. Therefore, you should definitely invest in it.


We would like to reiterate that the Mall offers a luxurious standard of living and exceptional customer experience right in the heart of Gujar Khan. There is no other project in the vicinity that even comes close to this project. Therefore, have a look at it. If you have any questions or require help regarding the investment.

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