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List of RDA Approved Housing Societies



RDA Approved Housing Societies

Property frauds are still happening throughout Pakistan in this modern age. Fortunately, buyers are much more vigilant nowadays. They know how to catch property fraud just by asking the right questions. However, some people still invest their money in illegal housing schemes.

They lose their money as the developers run away with all the investment. Many investors believe that the government will legalize the scheme. AuraBizz Properties would like to highlight the Supreme Court’s ruling in Karachi’s Nasla Towers case. Instead of regularising the building, the Supreme Court ordered its demolition.

Therefore, no one should invest in an illegal housing authority, hoping that it will be regularised at some time. Another problem is the Pakistani legal system. It is not strong enough to convict the fraudsters, and they launch another housing scheme soon afterward. The cycle keeps repeating itself. What can be done to avoid such a situation?

How to Avoid Property Fraud?

The best way to avoid getting defrauded when investing in a housing scheme is to check its status. Every development authority throughout the country must give approval to the developers before they can start the development work and sell plots. Hence, a buyer must ensure that the housing scheme has the required permissions. If not, avoid investing in it. This website provides you with a list of all legal and illegal housing authorities that fall under the control of the Rawalpindi Development Authority. Therefore, please check the status of the scheme before investing in it.

Notable RDA Approved Housing Societies Under Construction

Several RDA-approved housing societies are under development right now in the garrison city. Why are we focusing on them? First, they are officially approved by the housing society, which means that they are entirely legal. You do not have to worry about losing your hard-earned money. If you invest here, you can build your dream home or at least get a good return on investment.

So, let us talk about the approved housing societies without further ado.

1.    Capital Smart City

It is the hottest prospect right now. People who have invested here are reporting high returns on their investments. We like this housing scheme because it is Pakistan’s first truly smart city.

As you can see from the above image, the entire developed region of the housing scheme has been provided with electricity. It shows the pace of development. The below image shows the master plan.

There is a plan to open a GIKI and NDU campus in the society. It means that residents can get quality higher education right next to their homes. There is also a Silicon Valley district dedicated to technology companies and startups. The developers have repeatedly stressed that the idea is not to set up another traditional housing scheme. Their vision is to create a city that provides quality living to the residents and contributes to the country’s development.

You can access Capital Smart City from different routes, as shown below.

The housing society provides various facilities such as electric bikes, smart traffic control systems, and a tech-savvy security system. For further details, please visit our website. Please contact us if you wish to invest in this scheme or sell a property.

2.    Taj Residencia

The Sardar Group of Companies is behind this project. They are the same people who are the owners of Centaurus in Islamabad. It means that there is no way that you can lose your money here. If you have the money to invest here, you are hitting the jackpot because the return on investment is considerably higher than other housing schemes. The housing scheme plans to launch a higher education institute within the premises, meaning that residents can get a quality education without traveling far. The plan also includes a state-of-the-art hospital filled with skilled professionals.

In case of a medical emergency or a routine check-up, you do not need to worry about long-distance travel. You can easily access Taj Residencia from I-14 and I-15. The below image shows the payment plan for residential plots in the housing scheme. Please note that the prices are for possession-able plots only.

There is an option to invest in the non-developed region too. The payment plan is as follows:

One notable that we almost missed out on is that the developers are building Centaurus-II in Taj Residencia. What does it mean? In short, residents do not have to travel anywhere for shopping or entertainment. They can easily buy everything from within Taj Residencia. There are also plans for a Royal Club whose purpose is to provide all sports-related facilities. For further information on Taj Residencia, please visit this webpage.

3.    Rudn Enclave

It is a modern housing scheme that offers modern facilities. The master plan is designed to let residents and business owners get the maximum benefit. As you can see, the commercial district is right in the middle and extends throughout the society.

Blocks D and E are reserved for farmhouses of 4 and 8 Kanal. The blue area on the top right corner depicts the Khasala Dam. What does it mean for Rudn Enclave residents? It means that residents will not face any water shortage.

4.    Capital State Building

Please note that this is not a separate housing scheme. Instead, it is located within Mumtaz City. So, why did we mention this? AuraBizz Properties believes that it provides an excellent commercial investment opportunity. The Capital State Building is next to the New Islamabad Airport. Therefore, you can easily access it via Srinagar Highway.

5.    Mumtaz City

While there is no doubt that it is a good investment opportunity, we highly favour the Capital State Building. But it does not mean that you should not invest in other areas. The below picture shows the master plan.

Unlike many other housing schemes, Mumtaz City has an effective waste management system. It means that residents do not have to worry about waste lying around in the housing scheme. The residents also have access to natural gas.


We highly recommend our readers to invest in these projects as they offer a good return on investment. They are also ideal places to set up a business or build your home. If you need any advice regarding investments, please contact us. Thank You.

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