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Why to Learn Arabic language Essential for Muslims?



Learn Arabic language

Arabic was historically crucial since it was the language of Islam and the Quran. Despite being the world’s fifth most popular language, its worth has grown because it is the language of the Quran. It is not by chance that Allah selected Arabic as our language.

Since Arabic is the language of the Quran, it is essential to discuss it extensively. Arabic is among the world’s top five predominant languages. Most English speakers find it challenging to learn. The Arabic alphabet is not from the e Latin script.

It has 28 script letters, although many dialects of the language vary from area to nation. This remarkable language contains tones that are not found in other language families. Learning Arabic is difficult since it is a rich language with thousands of shades of meaning and substitutes.

To understand the Quran Pak.

The Sacred Book has been written in Arabic because it has many meanings for a single word. You can get translations of the complete Quran, but they are not the same. You will feel and comprehend the text with your heart when you learn the text’s language.

To understand Hadiths

our beloved prophet has clarified a great deal about Islam. He also laid out many regulations and gave dozens of bits of advice on how to do good deeds, gain rewards, and enter al-Jannah. It is essential to follow his sunnah by comprehending and following his hadith.

Most spoken language

Four hundred twenty-two million people speak Arabic, of which 274 million speak it as their native language. A vast number of people speak the Arabic language, which makes Arabic the 5th most spoken language on Earth.

To perform farz

Arabic is important for Muslims because they have to offer daily prayers. If they won’t familiar with the Arabic language, they won’t be able to perform their prayers and obligatory activities sent upon Muslims. Similarly, they won’t be able to read Kalma which is the base of being Muslim. Otherwise, you won’t be considered Muslim.

Prayers and compulsory Arabic language

We have particular actions in prayers that must be performed in Arabic, and reciting them in another language is prohibited. These include Quran reading, Takbeer al-Ihram, and other essential aspects of the prayers. However, after finishing your prayer, you can turn to Allah s.w.t and offer as many supplications in your language as you choose. Indeed, Allah will reply to your prayers at the right time.

Most Islamic books are in Arabic

There are numerous books about Islam and a few translated ones, but to read those pages and books, you need to be good at Arabic. However, many books, mainly the older originals, are still in Arabic. Reading books apart from Quran and hadith enhances the knowledge of history for debates and better life.

Hajj and Umrah get Easy for Arabic speakers

It will be a simple and pleasurable path to learn Arabic. You can communicate with locals and pilgrims while performing hajj and umrah. You won’t be lost in Makkah and Madinah if you know Arabic. You won’t miss places and rituals if you could communicate in Arabic.

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