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Reasons to Invest in Kingdom Valley

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a futuristic state-of-the-art housing community located just off the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway, away from the noise and bustle of the city. Kingdom Group’s flagship project, Kingdom Valley, is currently under construction.

In cooperation with the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, the Kingdom Valley is being built. The developers are working hard to give a high level of competence and service at a reasonable cost.

Developers & Owners

Kingdom Group is the developer and owner of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. The developers are well-known for their real estate endeavors. The firm has a history of completing one-of-a-kind residential projects. The developers provide the following property services:

  • Sales
  • Media
  • Consultancy
  • After-Sales
  • Management
  • Development
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Digital Marketing

Kingdom Valley NOC Status

Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) was purportedly obtained under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme with the registration number “DRG/PHATA/2176-2021.” Approved real estate projects have a better possibility of developing quickly.

Low-Cost Housing Scheme

Kingdom Valley is one of the rare residential developments in Pakistan that offers exceptional value. When you examine the expenses of facilities and amenities, The Valley Project is not only a top-of-the-line residential development, but it’s also cost-effective. The residential project’s first phase is now underway. Prior to the debut, investors can acquire an extraordinarily low rate.

Therefore, payment pricing is so straightforward. As part of Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Housing Program, this is one of the key advantages of investing in Kingdom Valley. This housing policy is developer-driven and focuses on granting land subsidies to property developers so that they can build additional dwellings. It also provides affordable housing in predetermined percentages.

This society is one of the most intriguing real estate investment prospects. It provides a high return on investment as well as the prospect of rapid growth. Kingdom Valley has a distinct advantage: rates can rise as the development stages progress. The value of the plot will rise, providing an opportunity to benefit handsomely. The housing complex offers both high-end and low-cost apartments.

A Chance for Everyone

The territory of Kingdom Valley is separated into five zones. Within Kingdom Valley, there are five types of land: commercial, residential, overseas farmhouses, and villas. Residential plots are appropriate for those with limited financial resources. Ten Marla plots are available in 5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 10 Marla sizes. The starting price is PKR 975,000/.

Investors will find business sites, farmhouses that provide wonderful quality time, and villas that provide luxurious living. There are multiple home options with various site sizes, expanding living options for both large and small-scale residents as well as investors.

Scope of Expansion

Kingdom Valley Islamabad covers an area of about 15000 Kanal. This offers it numerous prospects for growth. This advancement may potentially pave the way for new commercial and acquisition prospects. It is critical to plan for investors and set regional objectives. This will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad is conveniently located near the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad highway.

The Kingdom Valley Rawalpindi is the most simply accessible housing society in Rawalpindi due to its perfect location.

Kingdom Valley nearby Landmarks & Places

Several adjacent sights and localities surround Rawalpindi’s Kingdom Valley:

  • M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway
  • International Islamabad Airport
  • Qurtaba City
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Layout Details

A team of highly experienced experts with years of property development experience created and developed the master plan for Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Society provides all basic and opulent amenities.

The top-quality infrastructure development was secured by the qualified engineers of the organization.

Kingdom Valley Residential Plots

The sizes of the residential plots are as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Kingdom Valley Blocks

The Kingdom Valley is made up of the following Blocks:

  • Residential Block
  • Commercial Block
  • Farmhouse Block
  • Kingdom Villas
  • Overseas (Executive Block)

Kingdom Valley Residential Block

Residents of Kingdom Valley Residential Block will have access to all basic and modern amenities and facilities. It is selling residential plots in a variety of sizes at very low prices.

The sizes of the residential plots are as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 20 Marla

Kingdom Valley Commercial Block

The Kingdom Valley Business Block is mainly for commercial purposes. It provides business plots at exceptionally low prices.

The dimensions of the commercial plots are as follows:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Kingdom Farmhouses

‘Kingdom Farmhouses’ are also available in Islamabad’s Kingdom Valley. Residents will enjoy a beautiful and up-to-date lifestyle thanks to the farmhouses.

The following sizes are available for the farmhouses:

  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

Kingdom Villas

Kingdom Villas are also available in Islamabad’s Kingdom Valley. The villas are built to modern specifications. Single-story and double-story villas will be available.

The following sizes are available for the villas:

  • 5 Marla
  • 5 Marla (single-story)
  • 5 Marla (double-story)

Overseas Executive Block

Exclusively for overseas residents, the Overseas Executive Block offers residential plots. The tenants of the Overseas Block will be able to live in luxury and comfort.

The following are the plot sizes:

  • 8 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 16 Marla

Kingdom Apartments

Kingdom Valley plans to open Kingdom Apartments as soon as possible. The flats will be positioned on the upper floors of the multi-story building. The payment plan for Kingdom Apartments will be available soon.

Kingdom Heights

Kingdom Heights, a prospective residential project in Kingdom Valley, will be launched. More information on the project will be released soon.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Payment Plan

Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers a flexible and inexpensive payment plan. The cost-effective prices of the plots make it one of the most appealing real estate investment choices. The plots for sale in Rawalpindi’s Kingdom Valley housing development are now available for booking.

Simply contact Aura Business Solutions and let us present you with the best investment opportunities in Pakistan’s main cities. The Kingdom Valley residential society’s management is offering the following four-year payment plans:

Kingdom Valley Facilities & Amenities

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers all of the contemporary conveniences and amenities at a reasonable price. The amenities are an element of any modern opulent society that may be described as a full residential project.

The developers have set aside a considerable portion of the land for the creation of green spaces such as parks. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is regarded as the most opulent civilization, complete with all modern luxuries and conveniences.

The owner’s priority was to provide a healthy and elegant lifestyle environment; as a result, a substantial land area has been set aside for the central theme park, where children and the elderly can spend their leisure time without worry.


Guidelines to follow while Purchasing/Sale of Plots in Kingdom Valley

Document Verification

To avoid any misinterpretation or misunderstanding, please make sure to thoroughly check all the paperwork. Before buying or selling a property, make sure to ask about the developers’ NOC and approval documents, which have been officially approved by the authorities. As a result, your documentation will be valid in every way that could lead to client pleasure.

Financial Security

Please be sure that your funds are in line with your buying strategy before finalizing any property sale or purchase. Your purchase or sell will go through without a hitch in this manner.

Property Visits

Visit the site before making any purchases and after confirming the legitimacy of the documents to ensure that the written documents are compliant with the plot parameters.

Documentation Requirement for Booking

Aura Business Solutions values our customers’ confidence and openness; thus, we recommend inquiring about the most up-to-date paperwork requirements before making a reservation. Other housing societies like Blue World City, Discovery Gardens Islamabad, and Eighteen Islamabad also have residential and business plots available.

To purchase property in Kingdom Valley Islamabad, you will need the following documents:

  • Two passport-size Pictures
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card
  • Two copies of the I.D. card of your next Kin
  • NICOP for overseas clients

Benefits of Real Estate Investment

Booking Procedure for Property in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Aura Business Solutions constantly urges our valued clients to seek clarification from management about the most recent booking procedure. The booking process is as straightforward as possible.

The approach for Nova City Islamabad and Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is the same. You only need to follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Fill your booking application form with full attention
  • Attach the CNIC Copies of the Applicant
  • Pay Down Payment via Cheque or Pay order in favor of “Kingdom Valley,” but confirm process from the management in case of new changes
  • Cash Payments are also accepted after confirmation by the management
  • Submit all the required documents, Payment, and Get the receipt


Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a home development with a single goal in mind: to give inhabitants a world-class affluent lifestyle. The key characteristics of this society are its luxurious facilities, affordability, and location.

As a result, Aura Business Solutions strongly advises that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in this civilization. Please read about Al-Noor Orchard Lahore, Lahore Smart City, Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi, and Capital Smart City if you want to learn more about such housing societies.

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