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How to change your Cabin Air Filter?



Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filter

An air cabin filter is installed in almost all modern cars to prevent contaminants from entering the cabin and to ensure fresh, clean air in the cabin. The way like your engine air filter, the cabin filter can also become clogged, affecting both the efficiency of the air conditioning system in your car as well as the quality of the air inside.

Confused about whether you can change your car ain cabin filter by yourself? The answer is: Yes! If you have taken your car to the auto shop for oil changes or other maintenance, chances are that you may have been asked for the cabin air filter replacement.

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It is one of the five most commonly upsold products by mechanics. But, the thing you people might not know is that changing the air filter by yourself will save you a considerable amount of money and is usually a very easy task that requires no tools.

You can easily find the instructions for replacing the car’s cabin filter in your owner’s manual. However, here are the basics steps you need to know how to change the air filter in your vehicle.

Approximately 80% of vehicles that are developed after 2000 have cabin air filters. Having dirty cabin filters prevents clean air from flowing through the vehicle’s ventilation system and prohibits the defroster, heat, and air conditioning systems from operating effectively. To keep the vehicle’s heat and cooling system functioning at its maximum potential, it is important to service the cabin filter regularly.

By installing MicroGard cabin air filters, you prevent pollen, spores, road dust, and soot from entering your vehicle. Therefore, the number of contaminants you breathe will be reduced, and the interior of the vehicle will remain cleaner.

Cabin Air Filter

What Does The Cabin Air Filter Do?

The cabin filter is designed to filter out contaminants in the outside air that are drawn into the cabin interior when the fan is turned on. The air passes through a material that allows the air to pass through, but which catches any dirt and other particles that might be in the air. Over time, these filters become clogged by contaminants that are captured by the filter media. If your cabin air filter is not working well, you’ll noticeably reduce airflow and the air will not be as clean.

How Often You Should Change Car Cabin Air Filter?

The operation of replacing your vehicle’s cabin air filter only takes a few minutes and it helps protect your lungs by maintaining clean air in the cabin. If you notice that the air coming from your climate control vents is restricted while you’re driving, it may be worth checking the filter.

As a general rule, the air filter should be replaced every 15,000 miles to 30,000 miles, or in case that time when you inspected they are dirty. If you require a precise service interval, consult your owner’s manual.

How Often You Should Change Car Cabin Air Filter?

Step 1: Safety Precautions

Make sure to park your car on a dry and flat surface, and also ensure that your parking brake is on. In some cases, you might need a screwdriver or a socket set, but some of the installations could be done easily by hand.

Filters can sometimes be dirty, so you might want to put on safety goggles and gloves, and even cover the passenger side floor mat. Because, during the process of removing the old filter, dust and debris are likely to fall out.

Step 2: Get To The Filter

In most cases, the cabin air filter can be accessed by opening the glove box and removing it. You can find detailed information in the owner’s manual. For this, you may need a screwdriver or to press down on a few tabs.

Some vehicles allow you to access the cabin air filter without taking out the glove box, whereas others require you to remove the hood. A vehicle’s owner’s manual or repair manual has detailed information on where to find & remove the part.

Step 3: Remove Your Old Air filter

This cover has tabs on both sides that can be released by pushing them inward. Once you’ve removed the cover, gently remove the old filter, which is likely to be filled with dust and dirt.

Step 4: DIY Clean Filter Housing

Inspect if the filter housing is clogged for excessive dirt or debris. If yes! Vacuum it out. As you will want the clean filter housing before the installation of your new filter.

Step 5: Install New Filter

When you are about to install the new filter, check the airflow arrow on the edge to ensure that you are putting the filter properly in right place. After it has been seated securely, replace the cover and snap it into place.

Step 6: Put Glove box Back Into Position

You can secure the glove box by sliding the pin into the armhole or placing the band back in place by lifting it back up. After that, replace the screw, close the glove box, and finally, you’re done.

Does Changing Car’s Cabin Air Filter Make Any Difference?

Most vehicle owners start thinking about their air filter until their car starts to smell or the workshop asks them to change their cabin air filter. To be honest, this is something you can do on your own fairly easily, and it will save you a lot of money and give you a greater sense of accomplishment.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will end up replacing the filter in less than 20 minutes. This will improve the air quality of your car and saves you from wasting a lot of money.

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