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How to buy plots in Islamabad?



How to buy plots in Islamabad?

Buy Plots in Islamabad?

The real estate market is pretty good in Islamabad. Mostly it is dependent on foreign investments. It’s all about buying the right realty at right time and selling when it’s a hot cake.

The best area for investment is CDA, but only if you can handle corruption and bribery as it is a 100 percent government-owned society.

The second is DHA it’s an army-owned project and everything is crystal clear.

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Bahria society on the other hand is doing well under Malik Riaz, a very competent businessman. What you should keep in mind, when operating in any of these societies is to put money when any part of the project is in an embryonic stage.

As soon as the project whether commercial or residential, be it, a plaza, shopping center, multi-story apartments, residential plots for villas, etc are at high growth or near to the maturity price; sell them.

Lately, political unrest and corruption have made progress slow, so keep in mind that investing the same money in Europe or America can help give returns in a small frame of time. Whereas in Pakistan you need a much stronger holding power as progress is slow, but returns are guaranteed, have strong nerves too. There are many other well-reputed societies like Multi Garden, smart city, etc.

Before you start, there are certain things to factor in which sector are you buying a plot in, how expensive is the plot, who owned/made the plot and through what means are you buying it (property dealer or direct owner)

Let’s talk about buying a plot in D12, which is currently a booming area

A 4 Marla plot would cost you around 1 – 1.3 corer.

If you buy it through a property dealer, he will do all the work for you and you will just have to receive the allotment letter once it’s completed. But you will have to pay him 1% of the original price for his work (note this could be lowered in some cases if you maintain a good relationship with the dealer or if you know him) it could take a few weeks to get the allotment letter

After you have received the allotment letter, to start construction, you would have to apply for the Possession letter, which you could ask your dealer to do and you would have to collect that from CDA One Window

And now you can start constructing on that plot through a Builders Team which could cost anywhere from 60 lakh – 1 corer depending on your requirements and specifications

Now if you decide to do the whole process yourself, you would be saving money BUT it’s going to be a lot more hectic and time-consuming, and small payments to fasten the process.

By keeping all recent policies of the Government and the real estate market situation in mind, we need to understand that the real estate market changed from time to time. There are several new residential and commercial properties that are still waiting for you.

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