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Custom Rigid Boxes 



Rigid Boxes 

Rigid custom boxes are also known as gift boxes or set-up boxes. Customized rigid boxes are very protective and have a luxurious appearance. Perfect for high-end products or luxury items such as smartphones, jewelry, and other high-value items. Custom rigid boxes made from thick paperboard for ultra-product protection. 

We Customize Packaging has a huge selection of premium custom boxes that can safeguard your product and raise the value of your brand. Our rigid set-up box designs are designed with top-notch components and exceptional structural support to deliver an unbeatable unboxing experience. We have rigid setup boxes and other stiff packaging for promotion if you need custom luxury packaging boxes.

Types Of Rigid Boxes

Partial-finish and full-finish rigid boxes are the two different types of Personalized Rigid boxes.

Partial-finish Rigid Boxes

What is the most inventive approach to secure costly goods? Partial cover rigid boxes are the solution. Customize Packaging quickly creates stylish packaging boxes that are also useful. Do you work in the food, jewelry, electronics, or clothing industries? No problem. Our master packaging staff creates boxes to brilliance. In terms of brilliance, originality, and sustainability, we are incomparable.

Partial finish rigid boxes are built from a single piece of chipboard with perforated crease lines for folding and wrapping, leaving the Kraft or grey chipboard material visible. In partial finish rigid boxes, the wrapping just wraps the outer part of the box, leaving the chipboard inner visible. They are constructed from a single piece of chipboard with perforated stop lines for folding, with wrapping applied solely to the inner border of the boxes. Due to the low material requirements, they are simple to produce.

Full-Finish Rigid Boxes 

Full-finish boxes are the best option, according to every rigid box maker company in their right mind. These boxes are incredibly wonderful in every way, including materials and design. If you pay close attention to some of the most well-known businesses in any field, you’ll notice that they virtually always package their items in full-finish boxes.

The full-finish type boxes have no apparent chipboard. The entire rigid item is covered. The chipboard is between two and three millimeters thick. It is superior to Partial finish rigid boxes. There is a distinct piece of chipboard on each side of the box. Depending on what is required, there are various finishing possibilities. Additionally, these cases have a wraparound. It can be plain white or printed. However, we at Customize Packaging enjoy experimenting with various color combinations to turn that full-finish box into a miniature work of art. Furthermore, you can add any print you like to the final layer of coating.

Packaging Types: Rigid vs. Flexible

Rigid and flexible packaging have fairly obvious names. The demand for rigid packaging is increasing. It is made of heavy paperboard. Furthermore, it is rigid, sturdy packaging in a contrast to flexible packaging. The form of rigid instances remains constant. It also provides support and a solid framework. Additionally, it does not provide your items with as much stability or safety as other packaging types like corrugated ones.

Flexible packaging, on the other hand, may simply bend and conform to any shape you require. It typically covers any package that may easily turn. There are numerous sizes and folding boxes included. A rigid box is not the same as rigid packaging. This is something that every producer should be aware of. Moreover, the rigid box’s substance is a strong, dense material. It produces gritty show boxes. In contrast, in the manufacturing of hard cases, metals and glass are also used.

Box Designs for Rigid

It’s fun to experiment with different design options for each stiff box when you’re a maker of those things. The most popular styles that rigid box makers experiment with are included in the list below. Many of these patterns will be familiar to you, and you may have a box or two that include them.

  • Tube Packaging
  • Book Style Rigid Boxes
  • Shoulder-Neck Rigid Boxes
  • Magnetic Closures
  • Drawer Style
  • Telescopic Boxes

Tube Packaging

It’s a creative approach to packaging. It features a cylindrical shape with a shoulder-neck or telescopic opening style. Additionally, it is a natural paper box design for companies that enjoy using creative design. Such a box typically holds significant paperwork like diplomas, paper sketches, mortgage papers, etc. However, a tube box is ideal for a variety of other products. For example, perfume producers and drinks and food brands.

Book Style Rigid Boxes

It serves as both a book cover and a creative box. The flap is secured by magnets or button straps. Book-style stiff cases, depending on the type of your brand, respect the brand’s ethos. If you prefer the sensation of a real book, curving spines are also an option for these boxes, which can alternatively have flat spines. To add a little more flair, you may stylize them with your own “titles” and “blurbs.” Customize Packaging specialists undoubtedly like this idea, and for good reason.

Shoulder-Neck Rigid Boxes

A shoulder neck box is among the most fascinating solutions available from companies like Customize Packaging. Usually, these boxes are layered, with the middle portion being thinner and smaller than the base and lid. Manufacturers can alter these boxes according to the product and the customer’s preferences, and they offer a distinctive unboxing experience.

Magnetic Closures

Imagine unzipping two pieces of cardboard to open a box, and then they snap back into place when you close it. Nothing else can compare to that feeling of combined elegance and usefulness. These boxes typically contain two magnets. As the box shuts tightly, there is a snapping sound. They seem high-class and luxurious. They must keep pricey diamonds and studs as a result. Furthermore, the magnetic closure creates an interesting unwrapping experience. The standard magnetic closure boxes are more durable and solid.

Drawer Style

The feeling you get when you open the box and see what’s inside is beyond amazing. Opening it has the same sensation as opening a real drawer, but on a much smaller, more compressed scale. Many companies choose to package their products like drawers. It opens up quickly and smoothly. It also has a certain air of refinement that ordinary boxes frequently lack. Furthermore, the majority of stiff drawer-style boxes are composed of smooth material that glides effortlessly, and the sound that the gliding produces is fantastic.

Telescopic Boxes

Telescope rigid boxes are also known as lid and tray rigid boxes since the lid extends vertically from the tray or box. These rigid box designs are the oldest kind. Exact specifications are used in premium telescope boxes, just like in smartphone boxes, to guarantee a steady opening of the cover. They provide excellent defense because the product within is covered on four faces of the lid and the base.

Advantages of Rigid Boxes

  • Rigid packaging delivers an exclusive, rich, and strong experience and appearance that is unequaled by the majority of other package choices, in addition to its sturdy and secure design
  • Rigid packaging, which is frequently combined with a unique insert, maintains products well-protected to endure rough handling.
  • After consumers unbox their purchases, they should keep and reuse the rigid box packing rather than throw it away.
  • A branded rigid gift box can increase the return on investment for your products.
  • They are frequently used to keep jewelry, accessories, or any home things afterward.
  • With these advantages in mind, rigid boxes create an integrated element that accompanies your goods, providing great value to your brand.

Drawbacks Of Rigid Boxes

  • Although rigid boxes are a fantastic alternative for small to medium-sized product quantities, they can unexpectedly lose strength at extra-large proportions.
  • When it comes to small to medium-sized products, rigid box packing is incredibly reliable, but as the product gets bigger, the added weight on the outside layer of wrapping paper makes it more vulnerable to damaged edges.
  • To increase durability at higher sizes, it is always suggested to use thicker paper with a laminated finish.
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