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Top cosmetic Brands in Pakistan



The Pakistani cosmetics and makeup industry have developed over the past couple of periods. Well-known makeup brands like Medora, Connatural, Saeed Ghani, etc. are aware names. The time is not remote when local brands will be valued widely because of their top quality and cost-effectiveness.

 These local brands are manufacturing high-quality makeup at an affordable price. These brands do not compromise on the quality and your skin health, and yet these products are offered at cheaper prices. The best part of local cosmetics brands is that one can develop amazing quality makeup products at amazingly cheap prices.

Today, a plethora of fantastic Pakistani cosmetic companies have basic things for us by creating low-cost cosmetics. They are not only existing online, but also at local malls and brand stores through the country.

List of Top Makeup Brands in Pakistan

Following are the 16 cosmetics brands in Pakistan:

  1. Maybelline
  2. Neutrogena
  3. The Ordinary
  4. Essence
  5. Ponds
  6. Loreal Skin Expert
  7. Clean & Clear
  8. Garnier
  9. Eveline Cosmetics
  10. The Body Shop
  11. Miss Rose
  12. Rivaj Uk
  13. Christine
  14. Makeup Revolution
  15. Sweet Touch London
  16. Medora


Maybelline is the world’s most standard cosmetics brand. Maybelline has an existence in about 129 countries. Because Maybelline is a New York cosmetics company, we can develop Maybelline objects in Pakistan by ordering them from Maybelline online in Pakistan. Maybelline cosmetics are between the highest-quality goods existing in the cosmetics market. 


Neutrogena is kept by Johnson & Johnson Buyer Companies. Neutrogena is the world’s most standard dermatologist-recommended skincare brand, with products distributed in over 70 countries and relationships with some of the most well-known cosmetics and skincare companies.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary is a standard makeup brand in Pakistan that also has an outstanding skincare variety. Ordinary cosmetics has a many product line that contains at least 29 diverse skin oils, serums, and acids. They also have the best hyaluronic acid serum choice in Pakistan.


Essence cosmetics is one of the top cosmetic brands in Pakistan, known for its high-quality, low-cost goods. This business wants to deliver low-cost, high-quality makeup to everyone on the world. These items are designed at the middle class, providing them with high-quality cosmetics.


Since 1846, Ponds has been emerging products to satisfy women’s growing skincare needs and concerns. Pond’s skincare goods are prepared to give you amazing results. Their products bring out the best in women’s skin, helping it release sparkle, so she always looks her best.

Loreal Skin Expert

Loreal is the main cosmetics and beauty product company in the world. It is a Paris-based company with French headquarters. The primary business is to produce and distribute Loreal cosmetics, hair colors, skincare, perfumes and scents, and styling products. Loreal also makes dermatological and medical goods. Their products are fit for both personal and professional use.

Clean & Clear

Johnson & Johnson maintains the Clean & Clear dermatological brand in the United States. Most of the goods are designed at young women, but some, such as the “SOFT” brand, remedy a wider variety of conditions. Clean & clear is offered in 46 countries right now.


Garnier is a universal haircare and skincare company with sub-brands in four different kinds and seven different skill areas. We offer innovative, economical care solutions with goods created to fulfil the needs of women worldwide.

 Eveline Cosmetics

Eveline Cosmetics has been in business since 1983 and is one of Poland’s prime cosmetics producers. Customers can choice from a large choice of cosmetics, skincare, and body care goods. Eveline’s products are available not only in Poland but also internationally.

 The Body Shop

However, the brand is best well-known for its skincare products, its foundation, as well as lip and cheek tints, are standard among fans who swear by their effectiveness. Although the brand does not often offer.

 Miss Rose

Miss Rose is an old desired among local brands due to its low prices and high product quality. Several well-known bloggers use and recommend Miss Rose products, making them their holy grail for everyday use. It is Pakistan’s most cheap brand, and its products are broadly existing both online and in local markets.

 Rivaj Uk

Rivaj UK is deprived of a doubt one of the top Pakistani cosmetics brands on the market. It has become so standard in recent years that not only the middle and upper classes cannot get enough of it. Their nail polish, lipsticks, and eye shadows come in a range of colors, and their wrinkled highlighters and blushes add a finishing touch to your look. Rivaj UK’s products are both cheap and long-lasting.


This is a fantastic beauty brand designed for beauty supporters. Christine has an extensive group of beautiful blushes, moisturizing and glowing serums, foundation, and foundation primers. Though the prices are a little extraordinary, the goods speak for themselves from the instant they are used.

Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution is a low-cost UK makeup brand that has developed an unusual following among makeup supporters thanks to its trend-driven goods and high-end recommendations. You can easily buy Maybelline products using online makeup stores. It is a well-known cosmetics brand that allocates makeup, skincare, and hair products global.

Sweet Touch London

Sweet Touch is a famous and standard cosmetics brand in Pakistan. Its products are low-cost, broadly available, and long-lasting. Sweet Touch has a wide range of makeup to suit all Pakistani skin tones and women of all ages. It is best well-known for its nail polish collection. It is also cheap and broadly offered in markets.


The Swat-based Pakistani cosmetics brand “Medora” is a name that does not need any primer. Medora lipsticks are an old preferred of Pakistani women. Medora offers a wide choice of glossy, matte, and semi-matte, lipsticks. The unique point of Medora lipsticks is that they are super pigmented and do not stick to your lips. Pakistani makeup bloggers consider Medora’s quality to be at average with international makeup brand Mac’s lipsticks.  

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