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Why Should You Learn Urdu?



Learn Urdu

One of the most highly satisfying tasks you do may be learning Urdu. Urdu is one of the most beautiful-sounding languages you can learn, so even non-native speakers still choose to write poetry and prose in Urdu.

Is Urdu difficult to learn for English speakers?

Since Urdu is an entirely distinct language from English and is written using a different alphabet, native English speakers and Europeans find it challenging. By comparison, learning Urdu is significantly more straightforward if you are proficient in Arabic or Persian. Is Arabic Harder Than Urdu.

A good reason to learn Urdu

Better enhancement in knowledge

People who are travelers and explorers like to know about cultures and their civilizations in depth. So, they have an excellent reason to learn Urdu. They can get to know old history, societies, cultures, and different aspects of the language by learning it.

Vast in terms of art

Regarding classical literature and ancient history, the Dialect is self-sufficient. It has a strong poetry legacy dating back to the late 17th century, with notable poets such as Allama Iqbal, Ghalib, and Meer writing down some royal works in the Urdu language.

Rich history

The most intriguing reason to learn Urdu is to get a hold of its background to know how rich and filthy it is. Indeed, even 19th-century British conquerors learned Urdu and converted a broad spectrum of Urdu texts into English for such reason. Considering that most of the literature on the issues of political revolutions and regime and reign history is described and published in Urdu. People in dire love with languages and art should learn diving in the sea of Urdu language.

Swift increase of Urdu speakers

According to surveys and research, there are 165 million-plus Urdu speakers worldwide. It also claims that Urdu is the world’s twelfth most frequently spoken language. These statistics indicate the Urdu language’s more significant and influential expansion, giving you more reason to learn it.

Urdu gained some popularity in the foreign state.

With the establishment of the CPEC in the region of Pakistan, Urdu has entered a new period of worldwide acceptability and appeal. Furthermore, Urdu has become genuinely significant with the background image of the Afghan conflict and the new direction of Gwadar Port.

Expansion and progress in Pakistan’s market

With Pakistan’s rising importance in geopolitics, you may expect a boom in the country’s booming industry. Many untapped company prospects and outlets point to market gaps that must be filled. If you wish to take advantage of any such possibility here, you should study Urdu to increase your chances of success.

The country’s tourist business is likewise expanding

As previously said, Pakistan’s tourist business is expanding. If you enjoy following tourist trends or seeking business prospects in this industry, this will significantly interest you. In either scenario, you’ll need to be fluent in Urdu to flourish in the sector of tourism.

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