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Top 5 Side Hustles to Generate Passive Income Stream




Passive income is a word skilled side hustlers use to explain one method of earning money. Generally, it refers to revenue that requires little or no effort. For a good reason, it appears like everyone these days wants to establish a side business for passive income, and so is the case in Pakistan.

Creating passive income sources can help you attain your financial objectives faster than relying entirely on cheques from your 9 to 5 work. The amount of money you make will no longer be restricted by the hours you labor. Of course, passive income does not exist.

In most circumstances, creating a passive income stream takes significant initial effort. After the initial step is assumed, you are easy to go. Similarly, in Pakistan, many people do side hustles with their studies or jobs.

Become an influencer

If you enjoy social media, growing your social media followers consciously is an intelligent method to make passive money. While this is a time-consuming side job, you can earn much money without selling your stuff or doing a 9 – 5 job.

Having substantial social media followers will make your passive income much more accessible. If you can amass a sizable following on social media networks such as Instagram, businesses will start contacting you to encourage you to sell their items and services. You may earn money by marketing their articles in this manner.

As a result, if you want to become an influencer, you must be active on social media and connect with your followers. Then, they will become a source of your passive income by promoting you to the brands, designers, companies, etc.

Join Fiverr

Fiverr is currently one of the major websites for earning money online nowadays. You may develop and offer your skills, known as gigs, to various clients. This will enable you to begin making money online. So, to start, create an attractive profile and explore gig possibilities. Recognize every incoming order, even if it’s only to keep your statistics high.

Set aside daily time to respond to customer interactions and work on Fiverr orders. All you need to remember is to conduct your research. Also, never undersell yourself. If you have the skills and the excellent experience, you can ask them for your desired rates.

Real estate

Investing in real estate is perhaps one of the fastest and most popular methods to generate money as a side business. If you have the funds to invest in real estate, creating passive income may be a highly profitable strategy.

Renting your buildings to renters might help you profit from your real estate assets. Real estate or partial ownership is one of the most acceptable ways to make money from passive income because it doesn’t take much of your work to start seeing benefits.


Podcasts can provide passive revenue. All you need to do is have a good mic and a quiet spot to shoot your podcast. Companies may approach you once you’ve garnered an audience and want you to promote their products during your program.

Posting your podcast episodes to YouTube and Spotify is a faster way to monetize your podcast. This will promote your podcast to a broader audience and allow you to make money from advertisements on your videos.


A YouTube channel provides passive money by displaying adverts on your videos. While being paid on YouTube takes time, you may ultimately build up a dedicated subscriber following if you place in constant work. Choosing a technical specialty, like blogging, is preferable to providing material with no continuous topic.

Furthermore, YouTube gives you the possibility to make affiliate revenue. For example, if you mention an item in your video, you can put a referral link to that thing in the description and receive a fee each time someone clicks and purchases it.

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