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Essential tips to drive carefully around 18-wheelers



Reports reveal that more than 4000 fatal accidents that include large drugs and buses occur every year in the US.  Car drivers usually considered truck drivers as big bullies on the road but at the same time it is also true that car drivers cause 75% of accidents between passenger vehicles and commercial trucks. Improper following,  driving too fast, and failure to remain within a single lane,  are considered the most fatal reasons behind crashes with 18-wheelers.

It is needless to mention that accidents with 18-wheelers turn fatal and the main reason being their size and weight. An 18-wheeler accident attorney is there to help you file a personal injury claim against the liable party. Here are a few tips for passenger car drivers and other motorists to drive safely around 18-wheelers.

  • Don’t text while driving

 Distracted driving is always dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. This can get life-threatening if large trucks are around. The five seconds that you may take to reply to a text message could mean life or death in case there is an 18 Wheeler stopped in front of you and you fail to notice it. 

  • Don’t cut off trucks

Trucks are heavier than passenger cars And this clearly means that they will take longer time to stop. An 18 Wheeler that is fully loaded and driving at 60 miles per hour can take a length of 3 football fields to stop. If you don’t want to face fatal accidents with trucks,  make sure you never cut them off. Be careful about not cutting too close in front of a large truck.

  • Stay aware of the position of the trucks

Trucks usually choose to drive in the middle lane to avoid the first lane on the left side of the road and cars overtaking on the right side of the lane. If you consciously want to avoid being in front of loaded trucks, you can either stick to the left or the right lanes.

  • Be aware of light communication

The 18 Wheeler drivers often communicate through lights,  especially while merging. A truck light that flashes is giving you the ‘go-ahead’ message to merge in front of them. Multiple flashes or high beams will mean it is not safe to merge in front of them.

 So,  if you are someone who is out on the road for daily commutation to the workplace,  keep the above-listed safety tips in mind so that you can drive safely around 18-wheelers.

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