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How to Keep your Car Looking Great?



How to Keep your Car Looking Great?

Car owners understand how essential it is to wash and wax their cars regularly to keep the paint lustrous. It is also pretty obvious that simple vacuuming can do much to keep interior spaces fresh and attractive.

But, what about the situation when you all need your vehicle in tip-top condition? Even so, you can do plenty more. After all, a vehicle that has been properly maintained is more likely to hold a higher resale value than a hooptie with a peeling clearcoat and an interior that looks like it’s been home to a family of trash-hoarding raccoons.

To help you keep your car looking astonishing, here are the 10 effective car detailing tips and tricks that you should give a try.

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10 Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Looking Good

1. Birds Droppings

The most important message Stoops conveys is how dangerous bird droppings can be. This is not a joke. According to him, they are among the worst things that can hit a vehicle’s finish. Because, Letting that sit on the paint for a lot of time, maybe for a couple of days, can etch the paint away. If that happens, you have to put in a lot of effort to fix it.

So, it is advised to keep the quick-detail spray in the car, along with microfiber towels, to deal with these messes as soon as you see them. While the neighborhood mourning doves treat your baby as if it were a public restroom, Stoops said, “Get to it now. Do not wait. Don’t wait at all.”

2. Do Avoid Streaky Window Glass On Your Vehicle

If you are cleaning your car window, there is an easy step you can do by yourself to get to know which side is streaked and needs more attention. According to Stoops, the best way to clean glass is with a fresh microfiber towel. In his opinion, it is best to fold them into quarters and spray cleaner on a small area. After that, buff the glass to remove dirt and grime, and then finish the task by using the towel’s dry side.

However, here’s his trick: “If you wipe the outside of the glass from top to bottom and inside the car from left to right, you know which side of the glass is streaky.”

3. Little Smart Investment Goes a Long Way

Lastly, when you are applying that final coat of wax or polish, remember less is more. Stoops says whether you use a trowel or sparingly apply the product, “you will always leave the same amount of protection behind,” since only so much remains on the paint’s surface.

Using a thick coat of wax will take a long time to dry and is extremely difficult to remove. Instead, try using a very thin coat of wax. It will save you time, money, and probably get your elbows a bit sore from rubbing all that wax off.

4. Don’t Use Both Wax And Polish

If you stroll down the car care aisle at your grocery store or auto parts store, you’ll likely encounter an abundance of products, cleaning and protecting solutions, and soaps and sponges. When the point comes to making your car shine, it’s not necessary to use both wax and polish, either one will work, so save your time and money. Both of them have been created to do the same thing.

There is a wide variety of products available today for protecting the paint from harmful UV rays, which is good. However, Stoops said synthetic polishes last longer than natural products, but some people claim that traditional wax produces a deeper, richer shine, though each person’s mileage will vary. So, select the product that works for you and use it as recommended.

5. Use a Clay Bar

According to Stroops, clay bars are a safe and convenient way to get a buffed, slick finish. Even though they’ve existed since the 1980s, most drivers haven’t heard of them. So, when the in-the-dark folks discover them, he said, “They would think that it was the greatest invention ever made.”

Generally, by removing grit, grime, and other pollutants on top of the paint, clay bars easily and quickly restore the paint to its original state, allowing wax and polish to adhere properly, and, of course, providing the shine we all desire. But, in case, if your car still feels rough to the touch after washing it, then it might be time to buy a clay bar kit. Just buy one, and you won’t regret it, we promise.

6. Car Waxing Only Does Not Give The Vehicle Shine

“Many people believe that wax alone produces the best shine for a car, but that’s not true”, said Stroops. To obtain a deep, rich finish, the vehicle needs to be prepared properly. If the exterior paint of your house starts peeling off in chunks, and the wood underneath is spongy and decaying, even the best paint can’t hide this mess. However, the good news is that if you prepare the surfaces properly and if you apply the cheapest coating, even that will do a great job. Likewise, for the paint on your vehicle to truly shine, it must be free of contaminants and properly polished. Using carnauba wax on a dirty surface will never yield the expected results.

7. Hand Washing Don’t Always Work As A Batter Option

Most owners of high-end vehicles stay away from automatic car washes for fear that all the flailing scrubbers will scratch their cars. However, these fears are not entirely based on reality. According to experts, the vast majority of damage done to vehicle paint occurs during the wash, and tack process, but doing it by hand in your driveway isn’t always the best idea, especially if you use an old sponge that’s covered in years of built-up grit.

There is no doubt that dishwashing detergent will work in a pinch. It won’t destroy your car, but it will quickly strip away any wax or polish, leaving the paint exposed to the elements. So, make sure to use the right tool for the job when possible.

8. Apply Chemical Products To The Towel

If you are planning to clean the car interior, always apply products to the towel. Make sure not to spray them directly on the surface that you are about to clean. In this way, you can control how many products are used as well as where they go. When broadcast over large areas, these materials can create a large mess that is difficult to clean up. As an example, vinyl protectant that gets on glass can be extremely difficult to remove. Taking precautions will help you avoid this aggravation.

9. Don’t Forget To Clean Car Interior

Cleaning the interior of the car won’t be forgettable, especially if it’s an open car. Convertible interiors suffer from the same grit and grime that ruins the paint. It is recommended to spray the interior of a vehicle’s cabin with an interior spray detailer before washing it, paying special attention to the leather and vinyl surfaces.

As you get into and out of the vehicle, abrasive particles can collect in this area, causing damage over time. So, ensure this troublesome dust is removed from the interior of your car before it can cause damage.

10. Regular Preventive Maintenance

There’s an old proverb that says an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Preventive maintenance is perhaps the most effective way to keep your car or truck looking new for longer. Today, a variety of spray-on detailers and waterless-wash products are widely available, making it easier to keep things clean.

Wrap Up

Whether you need to wash your car or keep it looking great, DJNAutoCare is your one-stop-shop for all your auto needs. We have the products you need to take your car clean to the next level and keep the finish looking great, no matter if you are just getting started or an experienced car wash enthusiast.

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