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How to choose a Domain name?



choose a Domain name

The domain name is the text that a user used to write in the browser to obtain the specific website.

For example, YouTube’s domain name is “” so when you search this particular website, you will simply write “” to reach this website.

How to choose the best Domain name?

So, the first thing that comes to mind is why choosing the best name for your domain is so important?

A domain name is the main element for your website, if you have a good business and a good domain name along with a good quality website then your website will grow, and people will visit your website.

But if you don’t have the best domain name then no matter what the quality and business you are running, it will not be attractive to the people.

Using a good domain name can make a positive impact and gives a good impression on the visitors who visit your website. It can affect SEO and good keywords present on your website can help you with a high SEO ranking.

In other words, you can say that your domain name defines what your brand is. So, using an awesome domain name can help you with high brand recognition.

Following are the important things you need to keep in mind while choosing your website’s domain name:

  1. Always Choose the extension “.com”
  2. Use of keywords
  3. Select the combination that is easiest to remember
  4. Easy to spell and pronounce
  5. Unique and Simple
  6. No use of Hyphens
  7. No use of Double letters
  8. Flexible name
  9. Use generators for unique ideas
  10. Research properly
  11. Register it quickly

Always choose the extension .com

There are many extensions available for your domain name for example .com, .edu, .org and some are related to niche i.e. .blog, .yoga etc. We suggest you choose the .com extension for your domain name.

It may seem like niche extensions are attractive but .com is the most reliable and popular extension for the domain name.

The reason for choosing the .com extension is that it is easy to remember for users. Unlike .pizza, .yoga. they are difficult to remember.

If you are using a domain name extension as “” and someone searches for your website and accidentally types it as “” then there will be an error that shows that it is not the right website you are searching for.

So, it is better to avoid these types of risks so always use the .com extension for your domain name. Many smartphone keyboards have a button of .com so it will be easy for them to search your website also.

Use of keywords

The keywords of the domain name tell what kind of your website is. With the best business and good quality content, the keywords present in your domain name can help you to rank at the top of the Google Search list.

It is not easy to find the best domain name according to your target keywords that are not already taken by anyone else. So, you need to be more careful when choosing good keywords for your domain.

Choosing keywords according to your brand requires creativity and research then you will be able to make a good domain name.

Select the combination that is easy to remember

As keywords are the important part that describes the domain name so you should always keep them short. You don’t need to write a long domain name. The best thing is to have a short name that can be easy to write and easy to remember.

If you have a long domain name, then it will be difficult for users to remember it. So, we suggest you keep your domain name length from 10 to 15 characters.

Another disadvantage of a long domain name is that you may lose traffic and users prefer shorter names that are easy to memorable and easy to write.

Easy to spell and pronounce

Your domain name needs to be easy when you speak and write it. If you are creating your professional email address using your domain name, then it should be easy to spell and pronounce.

If you use a difficult domain name for your website, then your users can face problems while searching your website on the search engine.

Some may not be able to understand the domain name, or some may not be able to spell it correctly.

To avoid these problems, we suggest that you should keep your domain name simple and understandable.

Simple and unique

The domain name of your website should be simple and unique so that you can attract the visitor’s mind.

You can research other websites that have the same niche as yours and check out all those websites and what kind of names they are using.

You should be careful when naming your domain so that you cannot get copyright issues with other’s websites. You can pick a name that can be brandable.

The brandable domain names are attractive, unique, and easy to remember. For example: “” is a brandable name as compared to “sale&purchaseofbooks”.

The domain name should not contain any hyphens

Don’t use hyphens in your domain name. If you use hyphens for your domain name, then it may be referred to as a spam domain.

Another issue may come if you use a domain name with hyphens because the domain you need is already used by someone else then there are chances that the users may open your competitor’s website if they don’t remember to put hyphens in your domain name.

Don’t use double letters in your domain

The best thing is to avoid using double letters in your domain name. The loss of traffic increases with the double letters. If you are using a domain name like then it can decrease your users.

Avoid using double letters in your domain name can increase your traffic and it is easy to type and will look more brandable.

Flexible name for your domain name

It is a good thing that you select a domain name that is related to your business or niche which gives an idea to the users what kind of your website is like. But don’t select a name that has long terms.

For example, there is a domain name you choose for your website which is “” it will cover all the blogs related to mobile and will limit your website to mobile phones only.

So, you should write “” which can cover all the things related to the technology. By doing this you will be able to attract users to be interested in other topics also.

If you wanted to change your website into a new domain, then it will be a difficult process that can cause a low rank in the Google Search list.

So, you need to select a name that should be flexible enough, that can avoid these problems.

Research properly about your domain name

If you wanted to register your domain name, then you should do some research on your domain name which means is there another website that has already registered the same domain name or not.

To do the research, you should check the social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and see whether your domain name comes at the top list of these social websites or not.

You can also check the domain name on a trademark search that whether the domain name is similar or already taken by some other company or not.

If your domain name is the same as the other website’s domain name, then it can confuse and it can be a copyright issue which can cause you to pay a high fine for doing this.

Use domain name generators to get unique ideas

As there are more than 360 million which are already registered so it will be a difficult process to search for a domain name that is not already taken.

To avoid this difficulty, you should use a domain name generator to get a classy name for your domain name. If you search domain names manually then it will be a more time-consuming process.

So, the best option is to use an automatic domain name generator for the domain. Many free automatic name generator tools can find many classy names for your domain.

There is a popular and amazing domain name generator which is Nameboy, we suggest you, use this tool to search for your unique domain name. But you can find many types of these tools on google also.

Register your domain name quickly

Nowadays, many new domain names are getting registered all over the world. So, if you choose and found the domain name which you like then get it registered quickly before somebody else registered it.

from all over the world many people are searching for a good domain name that they can register so if you become lazy then someone else might register the same name before you.

So, you need to be faster to register your domain name so that no one else can take it from you.

As the registration for a domain name is not so expensive so we suggest you, act faster if you changed your mind about your domain name later then let it be expired and register a new domain name for your website.

what is the best place to get registered your domain name?

Nowadays, there are a lot of registrars that are present for the domain name so you should be careful about it.

There are different pricing rates for the registration of the domain name. It varies from different registrars. Some of the registrars can register the domain for free, some might charge you from $7 to $30.

So, you need to check which is better for your domain name.

There are different ways to register your domain name, so you need to know how you can register your domain name easily.

To register your domain name, you should need to know the following things:

Free domain name with web hosting service

The companies of web hosting also allow you to get registered your domain name.  Some companies offer you free domain name registration with web hosting.

If you want to build a new website for your business, then this is the best idea to take benefit from these companies. And get a domain name without paying any price.

There are hundreds of web hosting companies that are providing web hosting services as well as free domain name registration. Some popular web hosting companies are HostGator, Bluehost, and many more.

One thing you should keep in your mind is that all these companies allow these offers to be valid for only one year.

After one year you need to renew the registration of your domain name which can cost you approximately $15 per year.

So as a starter you must pay for so many other things, so it is better to get a free domain name registration.

Register your domain name only

If you need to register your domain name other than purchasing web hosting, then you can purchase it from the registrar of the domain name from the web.

There are different registrars present on the web to register the domain. Some are popular like is one of the best registrars of domain names.

This website provides you high level and premium domain names and all kinds of tools that are needed to manage your domain name.

I hope you have gained enough information from this article, about how to choose the best domain name for your website. So overall the domain name plays an important role in your business.

And your URL gives the first impression to all the users, so the best and strong name for your domain is important for your success of the business.

So, remember these tips and tricks while naming your domain. And you should avoid the risks which are mentioned in this article.

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