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How long does Urdu take to learn?




Urdu students who already know Arabic or the Persian language have an advantage in their studies over those who do not. Furthermore, persons who have previously mastered a second language, regardless of the language, have a significant advantage over those who only know one language.

If you choose to learn Urdu, you should first examine the following aspects. This will give you a solid understanding of your strengths and limitations before you begin, allowing you to prepare accordingly.

Stay motivated.

A vital aspect influencing the rate at which you learn Urdu is your subconscious or direct drive for doing so. If you have a financially rewarding end goal in mind or are attempting to retain it for effective communication with your loved ones, you will be willing to put in extra hours and reach your goals faster.

Learning method

Another important consideration is your preferred manner of learning. If you want to study with grammar and depth, you will need a different amount of time, however, learning Urdu through a direct and easy technique will take less and a different amount of time to complete.

Similarly, you should decide whether to study Urdu at a language institute, a university, with a teacher, or even online. Each of these strategies will produce a unique language learning experience, and the time it takes to master Urdu will vary consequently.

Online and application sources

classroom education’s proven track record, virtual education has transformed the way individuals learn and study. This also applies to language study, and there are several online tools to assist you to learn Urdu to varying degrees of skill.

There are many sources that give access to the virtual learning style. There are many websites and mobile phone applications.

Google Play and other app shops are overflowing with programs claiming to teach Urdu efficiently. While many of these are fantastic supplemental resources, we urge that you choose your learning applications with prudence.

If we talk about websites so when you subscribe to those internet courses, you have access to a vast library of online classes designed to meet the needs of Urdu learners of all levels. They will enhance and groom your language skills and make you fluent in the secondary language.

Side information

A language classification scheme places Urdu in Category III. According to the FSI, it takes around 720 hours of rigorous study (10 hours per day) to achieve basic fluency in a Category III language and approximately 1100 hours (44 weeks) to achieve complete fluency.


In this blog, we discussed how to enhance your learning skills, and what are the factors that will enhance them. We also discussed different opportunities and sources that will increase your proficiency levels in Urdu. Just stay determinant and motivated and be punctual to your course timelines you will be done with Urdu as soon as possible with fluency.

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