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How is Life in a Smart Housing City?



Smart Housing City

Urbanization is a challenge for governments worldwide. As people leave their rural homes and shift to urban centers, it puts constraints on the resources. Traffic congestion, air pollution, high crime rates, and homelessness are just a few challenges large cities face. What is the solution? The policymakers believe that the only solution is the development of new smart cities and converting the existing ones into smart.

What is a Smart City?

A smart city provides a better-quality life by utilizing the latest technologies. The European Commission defines it as “a place where traditional networks and services are made more efficient with the use of digital solutions for the benefit of its inhabitants and business”. However, smart cities are much more than digitalization. They also include better waste management, safer public spaces, and designing the infrastructure to meet the needs of an aging population, etc.

A Day in the Life of a Smart City

What is it like to live in a smart city? Several things can be used to differentiate a smart and a normal city. Let us look at these.

1.    Traffic

The one thing that every urban resident hates is the traffic. Long traffic jams are a common occurrence throughout cities worldwide. For example, consider Islamabad. It is regarded as one of the world’s most well-planned cities. Despite it, long traffic jams have become routine. A trip from DHA Phase II to Blue Area should not take more than 20 minutes. In reality, it takes more than an hour. Several studies concluded that traffic congestion removes billions of dollars from a country’s economy each year.

In a smart city, there is an intelligent traffic control system. It automatically monitors the traffic and guides the citizens accordingly. For instance, if there is a traffic jam somewhere, it will guide the drivers to avoid that area and go via an alternate route. It will even introduce a toll/surcharge as and when required. The idea is to encourage residents to take public transport. Depending on the traffic, the system will automatically re-phase the traffic lights. For example, if there is more traffic on one side, the system will ensure that the traffic light for that side remains green for longer.

2.    Lighting

Are you afraid to go out alone after the dark because your city has poor or no lighting? In a smart city, you will not face such issues. The reason is that the lighting system will utilize sensors to ensure that no area within the city suffers from poor or a lack of lighting. The lights will automatically switch off if there is no person in the vicinity.

3.    Water

Every person has a responsibility to conserve water. Unfortunately, water wastage and unsustainable consumption is leading to water scarcity. Almost every country is facing this problem. Some cities are shifting to smart water techniques. For example, Barcelona has installed sensors in its parks that tell the authorities about the water level in the plants. Resultantly, the authorities only water the plants when required. They claim that it has brought down water consumption by 25%. Therefore, a smart city will utilize the best water management practices.

4.    Transportation

The transportation system will be highly optimized, making it affordable for everyone. The best thing is that every city corner will be connected through the public transport system. The transportation methods can include subways, electric buses, and even electric bikes.

5.    Crime

As said earlier, large urban centers face rising crime rates for several reasons. A smart city features 24/7 security, whether through CCTVs or the police force. In Dublin (Ireland), lampposts are fitted with sensors that monitor noise levels. If there is an unusually high noise coming out of somewhere, it will alert the authorities. The noise can be due to anti-social activities.

6.    Charging Stations

A smart city is built around technology, convenience, and a clean environment. Unlike current cities, smart cities will feature electric vehicle charging stations inside your homes and throughout the city. The idea is to expedite the shift towards clean and renewable energy.

Capital Smart City – Pakistan’s First Smart City

As the heading suggests, Capital Smart City is Pakistan’s first smart city. You can see its Master Plan below.


It has a dedicated Silicon Valley district exclusively for technology companies and startups. Many of the features mentioned above can be found in Capital Smart City. For example, the housing scheme features a smart traffic management system that will ensure no traffic congestion whatsoever. For further information on Capital Smart City. If you plan to invest in Capital Smart City and need investment advice, please contact us.

Wrap Up

There are plenty of other features that we can list in the article. It shows how different smart cities are and will be from traditional cities. We believe that governments worldwide must focus on developing smart cities and converting the existing ones into them. It will provide the citizens with a safer and better quality of life. Also, resources will be consumed efficiently.

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