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CDA Approved Housing Authorities in Islamabad



CDA Approved Housing Authorities

Buying or renting a property in Pakistan is not a hassle-free process and certainly not without the risk of losing your money. Any person who is familiar with the country knows property scams are a common occurrence. People have sold properties that were not even in their name, while others have brought properties that do not exist.

Paris in Gujranwala

Are you familiar with the name ‘La Ville De Paris Housing Scheme’? It is a project of Master Tiles. Yes, the same company made headlines last year for a more than lavish wedding reception. Their latest project involves setting up a replica of Paris in Gujranwala.

One would think that such a big company would ensure that its housing project meets all legal and regulatory requirements. The answer is no. Pakistan is a place where the rich and powerful seem to get away with everything, including breaking the law. La Ville De Paris is declared unlawful for investment by Pakistan’s Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Gujranwala Development Authority’s Chairman has even confirmed that the housing scheme has not even applied for approval of the layout plan, let alone the NOC. All the while, the owners are spending big on promotional activities. The owners are even offering certificates for Rs 115,000, pre-requisites for buying a property in the society.

Interestingly, the developers are yet to complete the acquisition of the land on which the society is to be built. More interesting is that the owners are the same people who launched the infamous Master City a few years ago. The project is marred in legal issues, and investors have lost billions of rupees.

Unfortunately, the owners are now again allowed to defraud the people. Until the court acts against the culprits, such property scams will continue, and people will continue losing their money. The only way to avoid such scams is to conduct due diligence by verifying the documents from the relevant authorities.

Property Scams in Islamabad

Islamabad is no exception when it comes to property scams. Many illegal housing societies are operating in the capital. The most notable is Ghauri Town which is located on Islamabad Expressway. Despite paying the dues, many people are yet to get their plots. The housing authority is even involved in environmental degradation and encroachment. What is surprising is that they have been allowed to expand, highlighting the complicity of CDA officials.

How to Avoid Housing Authority Property Scams in Islamabad

If you want to buy a property in a housing society in Islamabad, ensure that they are legal and have the required NOC. The below table shows the status of private housing authorities in Islamabad. We recommend checking this official CDA list for the latest updates.

Name Layout Plan No Objection Certificate
AGOCHS, Phase-I Cancelled Not Issued  
AGOCHS, Phase-II Approved Not Issued  
Al-Hamra Avenue Approved Issued  
Al-Hamra Hills Agro Farming Scheme Approved Cancelled  
Al-Makkah City Approved Not Issued  
Anza Zephyr Dale Agro Farms Approved Issued  
Army Welfare Trust Approved Not Issued  
Bahria Enclave Phase-I Housing Scheme Approved Not Issued  
Bahria Enclave-II, Agro Farming Scheme Approved Issued  
Bahria Enclave-II, Phase-II, Housing Scheme Approved Issued  
Bahria Garden City Approved Not Issued  
Bahria Town (Phase-III-E & IV) Approved Not Issued  
Bahria Town (Phase-VII-E) Approved Issued  
Bahria Town, Phase VII Approved Not Issued  
Bahria Town, Phase-II, III, V & VI Approved Issued  
Cabinet Division Employees Co-operative Housing Society Approved Issued  
Capital Enclave Provisional Approval Not Issued  
CBR Town Approved Issued  
Engineers Co-operative Approved Not Issued  
Engineers Housing Scheme Approved Issued  
Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) Approved Not Issued  
Federation of Employees Cancelled Not Issued  
FIA Park Enclave Housing Scheme Approved Not Issued  
Grace Valley Approved Not Issued  
Gulberg Greens Farm Housing Scheme Approved Issued  
Gulberg Residencia (IBECHS Ph-III) Housing Scheme Approved Issued  
Gulshan-e-Rabia Cancelled Not Issued  
Gulshan-e-Sehat Approved Issued  
Islamabad Gardens Approved Issued  
Islamabad Model Town Approved Not Issued  
Jeddah Town  
Jinnah Garden, Phase-I Cancelled Not Issued  
Jinnah Garden, Phase-II Approved Not Issued  
Jinnah Town Approved Not Issued  
Kashmir Gardens Farming Scheme Provisional Approval Not Issued  
Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Phase (Extension) Approved Not Issued  
Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Phase-I Approved Issued  
Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Phase-II Cancelled Not Issued  
Margalla View Housing Scheme Approved Not Issued  
Ministry of Interior Employees Co-operative Housing Society Approved Issued  
Morgah City Cancelled Not Issued  
Multi Gardens, Phase-I Approved Issued  
Multi Gardens, Phase-II Approved Issued  
National Assembly Employees Cooperative Housing Society (NAECHS) Cancelled Not Issued  
National Police Foundation Approved Cancelled  
Naval Anchorage Approved Issued  
New Islamabad Garden Approved Cancelled  
OPF Housing Scheme Approved Issued  
Pakistan Medical Cooperative Housing Scheme Cancelled Not Issued  
Pakistan Navy Farms, Simly Dam Road, Islamabad Issued  
Paradise City Approved Not Issued  
Park View City Housing Scheme Cancelled Cancelled  
Parliamentarians Enclave Cancelled Not Issued  
Rahman Enclave Housing Scheme Approved Issued  
River Garden Approved Not Issued  
Roshan Pakistan (RP) Corporation Housing Scheme Approved Cancelled  
Senate Avenue Approved Issued  
Services Co-operative Housing Society Approved Not Issued  
Soan Gardens Approved Cancelled  
Supreme Court Employees Housing Scheme Approved Not Issued  
Tele Gardens Housing Scheme Approved Issued  
WWF Labor Colony Approved Not Issued  
Zaraj Housing Approved Issued  

There are housing schemes that market themselves as being in Islamabad and having the required approvals, e.g. Muhafiz Gardens, Rawat Enclave, Faisal Town, Grace Land Housing, and Air Line Avenue. However, that is not the case. These housing authorities do not fall within the area of Islamabad, nor do they have any approval from CDA.

As you may know that Islamabad is divided into five zones. Click here for a complete list of the unauthorized housing authorities in each zone. Aura Properties recommends checking the CDA website before purchasing any property in an Islamabad-based housing society to avoid issues.


This article aimed to inform the reader that private housing authorities often make promises of providing European standard living and amenities. But in many cases, it turns out to be a scam. Many people have invested their life’s earnings in such scams. We request all buyers to confirm the legality of the society in question before making a purchase. If you need any help purchasing any property in Park View City, Eighteen, Capital Smart City, or others, reach out to Aura Properties. Our representative will help you with the due diligence and ensure that your money is invested in the right place.

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