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Business Ideas for Real Estate in Pakistan



More than 70 million middle-class customers and Pakistan’s growing population are two major factors that can make creative real estate business ideas in Pakistan a reality.

If you are the one who is not in the favor of working 9 to 5 and don’t want a boss above you, then this is the article you must keep on reading.

Most people find 9 to 5 jobs very stressful and can be exhausted. At the starting level of your career, you can not expect to have a big amount. And you have to work hard to achieve a good living style.

So, to avoid this hustle of being in the circle of 9 to 5 jobs, the other better option you can have is to start your own business.

There are thousands of millions of ideas which you can choose and each idea can cater to different customers.

You have to pick an idea and to start that you don’t need to sell kidneys but our main objective is to earn a good amount of money, thus it should also be economically sustainable.

Following is the list of business ideas for Real Estate in Pakistan:

  • Real Estate Investment
  • Commercial Properties
  • Renovate Properties
  • Rent your house
  • Farmhouse or Vacation Spot
  • Lodging Sites
  • Poultry Farming
  • Coffee Shop

Real Estate Investment

Investing in the real estate business in Pakistan is nowadays a famous investment opportunity.

The common practice of the people these days is that people buy land and keep it for some time. Meanwhile the price of the property increase.

Two common investment options are commercial and residential areas. All you have to keep yourself updated about the rates in the market and sell the property when rates are at their highest. You will get maximum profit in this way.

The investment in real estate is the safest investment you can make as firstly you can get the whole ownership by yourself and secondly, the prices of land usually increase and last but not least property give you healthy profits.

If you are confusion either to invest in stock or real estate, it is recommended to read this article to get a clear idea of where to invest in can be more appropriate.

The return you can get is 12% to 30% in this business which is probably the triple you get from the bank.

To have more knowledge about real estate investment you must watch different channels on YouTube related to real estate. And always keep in mind that this business is not rocket science.

Commercial Properties

If you got money in your bank account that is just there then take a step to cash out and invest it in some commercial properties.

You can invest in shops, malls, offices, shopping centers, or in some rent-out purposes to get 5% of the return.

The real estate industry is helpful in the development of the economy of Pakistan. This sector impacts several lives and has an impact on the people of nations.

Many people either private or public and government or non-government sectors have put their endless efforts to make 50+ allied industries.

Renovate Properties

People use to buy old properties at low rates and then invest in them in a way they renovate them, change their infrastructure or exterior and then sell it for the maximum profit.

Rent your House

If you currently living in a home with a single story, then it can be a source of profit generation. You can invest by making another story and renting that one.

In this way, you can rent on monthly basis by just sitting at the home.

In case you are in the search of a  house or a house for rent in Rawalpindi, then have a look at listings.

If you are lacking the money then you can use the option of a bank loan. The government also provide these loans and renovation loan with low-interest rates.

Farmhouse or Vacation Spot

The properties that are known as vacation properties especially those that are in hilly areas can get you high-profit.

Investing these properties and state that on the online property portals such as one of Pakistan’s smartest portals for the property.

You can buy properties in Murree, Swat, and other hilly areas and in the vacation season you can rent out each room for about 5000 or more.

Lodging Sites

You can make money with the spare room of your house. Post that on the lodging sites eg Airbnb and earn money.

For the extra amount, you can provide some additional services like bed, breakfast, and laundry.

This may have one flaw that may take time to get mature and give you a good return. Short-term investors cannot look at it.

Poultry Farming

The sector of poultry makes employment plus income for 1.5 million individuals. This is one of the Pakistani sectors that can be considered the most organized branches of the agro-based sector.

10-12% is the growth per annum of this sector. The consumption rate from this sector is about 40-45%.

This business consist of the following major sectors:

  • Chicken production
  • Meat Production
  • Production of eggs
  • The feed of poultry production

Business Plan

These are the points you must keep in mind while making a business plan.

  • Investment
  • Human resource
  • Location
  • Equipment in need
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Coffee Shop

Coffee is now a commodity that is in demand in the world after the demand for crude oil according to some business insiders.

The business is grown three times more compared to the last decades, and interestingly the business is not just in the hand of popular and expensive brands.

The food industry is also evolving. if you want to start a business with 20 lakhs then starting a business of coffee shop is the option.

Market Research

No doubt, market research is the research that is required before starting any kind of business, but if you are considering the business of a coffee shop then it is more important to do.

The things you should get your research done with:

  • What are the taste and the demand of the local people in which you are opening the shop? You should visit different best shops personally and taste different coffees, tea, etc so you get to know what is the current attraction.
  • What is the thing, the unique one that you can offer to the customers to make them visit your shop?
  • What is the marketing strategy you will be using that may include the word of mouth you choose for yourself that makes you dominant in the market?

Focus on the Takeaway Customers

The fact about the takeaway customers cannot be deniable because they are the ones who pay you the same but did not cost your space expense. You should do the following things for them:

  • Offer something difficult to refuse
  • Offer them loyalty cards
  • The best packing is something you should give to them

Marketing Strategy

It is important to make customers fast and also retain them, to ensure this do the followings.

  • Always give the best quality
  • Collaborate with some famous brand
  • Ensure that you are active across all social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

After all the research, I would like to conclude that Pakistan has a lot of business and investment opportunities nearly in every sector.

It was a concise and informative article that gives you know-how about the ideas that need low investments.

You can start your business, only it needs proper research and an effective marketing strategy.


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