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5 Freelance Market Places for Online Working in Pakistan




Are you one of the students who want to spend their summer earning? Well, in Pakistan, there are many online workplaces. There are many national and international companies and firms that provide you with great opportunities for your skills. You can also spend your summer earning good gigs and making good pocket money.

Freelancing may be an excellent method to gain expertise in several professions while working remotely and setting your hours. If you want to carry out your freelance as a professional career, you can also do that. So, whether you are a web designer, content creator, or anything else, you can start your journey in one of the below-mentioned freelance marketplaces.


Fiverr is a professional freelancing work marketplace. “Fiverr aims to alter how the world works together,” according to the news release. The Fiverr network links small and many well-established businesses with experienced freelancers. It provides online services in over 250 categories across eight verticals, including graphic design, programming, video, and coding.

The gig or work rates start as little as the US $5, and freelancers from across the world are available to execute a quality task with one of the best deals and lowest prices. There are no hourly fees, only project-based costs that you can easily control. Withdrawing money might take 14 days, depending on the freelancer’s seller level.


Upwork is a platform that links employers and professionals, and beginner freelancers from all around the world. The platform offers various categories, including web development, software development, customer service, and accountancy.

Clients and freelancers may interact in various ways; clients post a task and employ talent, or they can purchase a prepackaged service from the project catalog. Similarly, freelancers might use the job board to promote their services.

Create a profile on Upwork to get going as a freelancer. Include information about yourself, your skills, expertise, and job experience. Remember that clients will check your profile when you bid on work or pitch a project to see whether you’re qualified.

it’s a website that lists a range of freelancing employment. Jobs in various industries and desired fields are available, including website designing, software updating and development, and graphic designing.

Freelance Writing Gigs

it is a site that offers freelance writing assignments in various specialized fields such as finance, health, science, and more. You could search for writing jobs from the category option to get the freelancing assignment you’re searching for and start earning from it remotely.


LinkedIn is a famous employment site that makes locating jobs in various areas simple. It’s also a social media platform where employees and employers can connect and communicate. All you have to do for the starter is sign up and create an account. Don’t forget to fill in the required information about your education, skills, experience, and expertise.

Write a post outlining your skills/expertise and connect your work portfolio if you are a freelancer. Hiring managers and agencies may come across your account and make you an offer. That way, you may ask them to provide you with an online or an office-based job offer.

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